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Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin Core

Everyone is always talking about Bitcoin, but Bitcoin Cash just had it’s first Europan Hackathon in Amsterdam organized by BTC.com. There were lots of people there who think Bitcoin Cash is the original Bitcoin and that it’s the TRUE realization of Satatoshi Nakamoto’s vision. I interviewed some of the main Bitcoin Cash developers and asked them why. Also there’s a Bitcoin Cash hard fork scheduled every six months and there is one coming up soon. What does this mean and why do they do it?

Lead & Senior Bitcoin Cash Developers

I interviewed Amaury Séchet who is the Lead Developer Bitcoin Cash ABC. Why Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin Core? Why is there a scheduled Hard Fork every 6 months? And what does he think of the hackathon and the projects?

Gabriel Cardona is senior developer Bitcoin Cash at Bitcoin.com. Why is he a BCH-believer and how is it different from the “normal” Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Cash Association

I interviewed Paul Wasensteiner of the Bitcoin Cash Association. What is this association? And why Bitcoin Cash, not the “normal” Bitcoin Core? The Bitcoin Cash Association was formed in a Bitcoin Cash chat group in 2017. It was started by a simple request to the community to crowdfund a short promo video for Bitcoin Cash. The outpouring of support across the industry was phenomenal, and it became crystal clear that there was a need for an organisation to take on this role permanently.

CoinSpice – Bitcoin Cash Media

I interviewed Mike Malley of CoinSpice. CoinSpice is a media organization/news site that aims to advance Bitcoin Cash as a viable payment method for everyone in the world. Also asking Mike, why Bitcoin Cash? And what does his platform do to promote BCH?



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