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uk Vincent Everts is a serial software entrepreneur who started multiple companies with more then 500 employees in USA, Europa & Russia. He is a trendwatcher who has inspired 500.000+ people with presentations and events. He regularly appears on radio, TV and in the media speaking about digital transformation and the consequences for organisations. He is known for his limitless energy, interaction with the audiences & deep knowledge.

Since 2014 Everts is the founder and organizer of the largest Blockchain Innovation Conference in the Benelux with 400+ attendees and 50+ speakers. He is a recognized expert in the blockchain community and is passionate changes blockchain brings to the world of identity, government, supply chain, healthcare, (E-)commerce, fintech and mobility.

Vincent has a long time involvement in the transformation of the car industry in the direction of electric & self-driving cars. He connects issues  like AI, big data, E-commerce, 5G, internet of things and the consequences for security for the organisation and international trends like to the role the USA, Europa and China play in these development.






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Highlights of 2018 In 8 minutes I show you 50 highlights including: blockchain, technology, gadgets & innovation, self driving cars, crypto, conferences, business, deep interviews...

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More than 650 CIOs (Chief Information Officers) came together in Amsterdam for CIODAY 2018. I interviewed 18 of them at CIO TV with...



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