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At the CryptoFinancing Conference in London I interviewed Bancor founder and product architect Eyal Hertzog, who used Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to raise money. An ICO is a way of creating your own coin on the blockchain. Bancor enables the creation of smart tokens on the Ethereum blockchain for others. Smart tokens provide their own liquidity and price discovery, without needing to be listed in an exchange. A very useful tool for anyone who wants to start their own coin on the Ethereum blockchain.

Why do they need this much money and why are so many people willing to invest in them? What are they going to do with this money?

Previously he was co-founder of Metacafe, a place where artists create, consumers interact and technology enables communication. Prior to co-founding Metacafe, Mr. Hertzog co-founded Contact Networks in 1998, one of the first interpersonal, professional online networks. At Contact Networks, he was responsible for overall product strategy and overall technical architecture, and managed strategic relationships with Nokia, GemPlus, Converse and other large partners. He has also advised US and Israeli high-tech startups on strategy, product roadmaps and technology architecture, and worked with Israeli venture capital firm Millennium Capital Venture as an investment advisor.

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Michael Eerhart was een van de studenten die meehielp tijdens de Blockchain Innovation Conference. Toen hij 4 jaar geleden 25 euro in Bitcoin stak duurde het niet lang voordat dit 1000 euro waard was geworden. Vervolgens is hij met zijn eerste winst gaan investeren in mining hardware om andere digital coins mee te minen. Voor elke succesvol aangemaakte block krijgt hij dan een x-aantal coins. Dit alles terwijl hij afstudeert aan International Business op de universiteit in Groningen.

In de tussentijd zijn alle door minen binnen gehaalde coins een stuk meer waard geworden. Een leuk zakcentje voor een student; dat is nog eens heel wat anders dan een studieschuld aan het begin van je carrière!

Vindt hij het echt geld? Wat gaat hij doen nu zijn studie klaar is? Wat betekent dit voor de wereld?


Comedian Greg Shapiro, best known for his viral video “America First, The Netherlands Second” as shown on Dutch TV show Zondag Met Lubach, was the closing act at the Blockchain Innovation Conference. Watch the hilarious video in which he reviews the conference and explains the blockchain in his own words. I promised to pay Greg ONE bitcoin to be a speaker at the conference. In the meanwhile the bitcoin tripled in price. Still totally worth it!

Donald Trump was the hilarious closing act of the Blockchain Innovaiton Conference. Hear what more he has to say about blockchain! He’s also answering questions from the crowd.

Around 15 speakers came together in Arnhem to talk about the future of Bitcoin. One of the great talks was by Dr.Peter Rizun of Bitcoin Unlimited about how Bitcoin blocks should be way bigger and even unlimited in size. That way no one will have to wait for the transactions to succeed. Craigh Wright says the world doesn’t need a leader, but the world needs those ideas that the market will accept.

I interviewed speaker Jihan Wu, CEO of Bitmain,  one of the largest hardware deliverers for Bitcoin miners. Bitmain delivers 60% of all mining hardware in the world. Jihan is the first person to translate Satoshi’s 2009 whitepaper into Chinese and has been working with blockchain and Bitcoin for a very long time.

Also lots of Bitcoin Miners were attending the conference. This Ex Bitcoin Miner is creating a brand new dagchain foundation called Spectre Protocol!

Stream the full conference below with highlights by Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitmain!

And day 2!