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About Victoria Lonker

Victoria Lonker is Verizon’s Vice President of Global Products and Solutions for the Enterprise. They provide services and products in global connectivity, managed services, the hardware & installation services. Victoria tells how she went from being a poor college student, that wanted to be a biomedical engineer, to becoming the VP at Verizon. How did she experience the evolution in the telecom industry?

Verizon & the industry

What are the differences between Europe, Asia & the US? How is it that the European marketplace is more amenable to innovation? Verizon has a new CEO from Europe. How can a non-tech guy be the new CEO of Verizon? Verizon is introducing 5G for only $70/month! What else are they doing? How is it for women in the top of the industry? I talk with her about various subjects in the industry!

–  Vincent Everts, Dutch trendwatcher in the field of digital innovation | More about Vincent Everts


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