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David Birch (author, advisor and commentator on Digital Financial Services) is an internationally-recognised thought leader in digital identity and digital money. I talk with him about the digital identity and payment trends across the world. Who are going to be the providers of digital identity? What is going to be the role of governments & banks? What threat are Amazon, Alipay and so on for them? The most important battle in payments is verifying the digital identity. If you know who everybody is, payments is just bookkeeping. How does that go together with the privacy of people? What about iDIN?

What do you do with 60 crypto miners that take up so much energy to create crypto currencies, but at the same time you also don’t want to waste the energy? Simple, you just place those miners at a tomato greenhouse! I am partner in a company called Greenmine and we are on a mission to make this a sustainable operations. We have a container where all the miners are stored under oil and the heat is used to grow tomato’s! 95% of the electricity used by miners is generated into heat and we put that heat directly into the heating system of the glass houses to help the tomatoes grow faster. This makes it the most sustainable mining operation. How does it look like? Take a look at the installation!


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In the previous weeks, we highlighted John Holdren’s talk about climate change & how it was for him to be the Chief Science and Technology advisor of former President Barack Obama. This week, John Holdren and I talk about the Paris Agreement and the current U.S. President Donald Trump. The Paris Agreement was one of the biggest achievements of President Obama. John Holdren tells an interesting behind the scenes story of how the Paris Agreement came about. American and Chinese scientists and officials agreed on global climate change being real and that it is a problem mainly caused by the industrialized nations as they put their emissions in the air in the process of becoming rich. But how do you convince other less developed emerging countries that there is no more room left in the atmosphere for their emissions and that fighting global warming is a co-effort? How serious are the countries that were joining in? How is it now John left his position? How does it feel to see Trump acting like ‘a bull in the China shop’? What are his opinions on Trump? How are relevant organizations in the U.S. reacting on Trump?

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I am talking to Matthew (Matt) Fee, member of the Select Board in Nantucket, about the politics of Nantucket. What are the hot subjects in town? It is all about development! Nantucket is a small island and there is a 14 acre piece of land where developers are planning 250 houses. The average house price in Nantucket is around 1-3 million dollars! What does it mean to have social affordable housing in Nantucket? What are the issues regarding the big expansion on a small island? How do the islanders react? They expect an increase of traffic of more than 800 cars, which would cause a gridlock on the island. Moreover, there is also the issues of the cliffs as climate change is making the island smaller every year, resulting in a couple of feet disappearing into the sea, which upsets a lot of people. How do they plan to accomodate so many people on such a small space while keeping the living space still enjoyable? What else is going on in Nantucket? An overview of 2018:

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Last week, I had an interview with John Holdren, (the Chief Science and Technology advisor of President Barack Obama) on the issue of climate change. This week, John tells me all about how it is to work with Obama himself! John met Obama before his presidency when Obama was still a U.S. senator. John has a very interesting story on how it all started with a private dinner and how he eventually became the the Chief Science and Technology advisor of President Barack Obama. John was a professor at Harvard and the director of the Woodshole Research Center, but when he got the job in the Obama administration he had to abandon all of that. He says that you officially have no time off, no weekends & no vacation. How did it affect his work-life balance? How was it to be the Head of the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy? What did John do every day for 8 years? What were Obama’s thoughts on climate science? How knowledgeable was Obama? Obama really cared about science & technology, which some argue is different with Trump. Next week I will talk about this with John Holdren and we will discuss the Paris Agreement & president Trump.

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I am still in Nantucket where I reside in our house of 1927. It is a beautiful house but the internet here is too slow! In general, I could say that internet in America is extremely expensive and relatively slower compared to the Netherlands. Our house in Nantucket had Verizon for 28 years because we wanted to have broadband internet and, after all those years, I can say it was a disaster. The service often did not work, it was extremely slow (0.6 to 2.4 Mbps) and that for $84 per month! So this week I had enough of it and I called Comcast/Xfinity for cable and ordered a fast internet service. Two days later, everything was installed in an hour (because everything is above the ground) and now I have 10 times(!) faster internet for half the price. Verizon I’ve been a loyal customer but it has been enough!

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 Another newsletter from Nantucket (US)! Tesla’s Q2 numbers came out: Elon Musk apologized for bad banners and came with new “promises”, the Model 3 is now the best selling sedan in America and stock went up 9%!

MoveHack Hackathon

If you have a great idea: stop having vacation! In India everything moves fast. Last week was decided there will be a fantastic hackathon on mobility MOVEHACK organized by the governments of India and Singapore in August and September. It’s all about teams who come up with smart solutions for smart cities, smart traffic, AI usage and solving very complex data problems. If you want to participate you have to act NOW! Selected will fly to Singapore and India, expenses paid, and get a chance to improve and pitch their idea, win amazing prizes and see their idea become a reality in smart cities across India! Submit your team and idea before Aug 14th!

Obama Science & Technology Advisor on Climate Change

John Holdren is a super interesting man and was Obama’s Science & Technology Advisor and gave a very interesting presentation in Nantucket. In part 1 of the interview he talks about Climate Change and what will happen if we don’t act. A very scary story about the current state of the world.

New Financial Crisis?

I met William Cohan, tv personality & former trader on Wall Street (for 17 years!), who is now also a bestselling author. He wrote the book “Why Wall Street Matters” and we talked about the four factors that will make a financial crisis happen again. He has an alarming message!

Tesla Autopilot Rechtszaak

 Vorig jaar kreeg ik twee boetes omdat ik tijdens Tesla Autopilot mijn telefoon in handen had. Ik reed rustig, kalm en keurig recht. Wanneer veranderd deze regel? Ik maak hier bezwaar tegen omdat de auto reed en ik toezicht hield, net als een rij instructeur. Kom op donderdag 13 september om 9.30 voor de rechtszaak naar Rechtbank Utrecht waar we ons verhaal doen!

Wie is Marietje Schaake?

Marietje Schaake is kandidaat lijsttrekker voor D66 in het Europees Parlement. Ze heeft veel in de VS gewerkt en is nu Europarlementariër. Wie is Marietje en wat drijft haar? Ik interviewde haar en ga haar de komende tijd volgen!

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John Paul Holdren is a Climate Change Expert and he was the Chief Science and Technology advisor of President Barack Obama during both terms. I had an interesting talk with him about climate change. What do we know about climate change? How are we responsible? What are the consequences ? John says that for the coming 10-20 years the temperature will continue to rise, but it is up to us how fast. Why does a difference in 2 degrees Celcius matter so much? What do we need to do to slow down the temperature rise? How did the temperature awareness change over decades since the 60’s? Next week we will highlight John’s talk of how it is to work with former president Obama and we will discuss the Paris Agreement & president Trump, so stay tuned!

John Holdren presentation slides on “Climate Change and the Cape & Islands: What We Know. What We Expect. What We Can Do.” in Nantucket.


John Holdren also gave an interesting talk at Brown University.

The slides of the talk at Brown University can be found here.

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In the library of Nantucket I attended a presentation by William D. Cohan, a business writer, colomnist of the New York Times, former trader and tv personality. He was supposed to talk about his book “Why Wall Street Matters”, but instead he talked about the four factors that will make a financial crisis happen again. William worked on Wall Street (at Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan Chase and more) for 17 years(!) and thinks the compensation system of that world causes all the financial problems time after time. I interviewed him afterwards and summarized it in five minutes! William wrote a number of books on Wall street and his next book will be different. It will be published next year and he is warning us… Who will listen?


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Hackathon in India and Singapore

There’s gonna be a fantastic hackathon MOVEHACK on mobility organized by the governments of India and Singapore in August and September. It’s all about teams who come up with smart solutions for smart cities, smart traffic, AI usage and solving very complex data problems.

India is being transformed at a very rapid rate. In the hackathon the best minds of the world will compete and come up with prototypes and solutions for the diverse problems India faces. If you look around, you’ll see that these problems do not only exist in India but all over the world. If you can solve for India, you can solve for the world.

Selected teams will fly to Singapore and India, expenses paid, and get a chance to win amazing prizes. Submit your team and idea


The online competition started on August the 1st. You can put in a team and it can be any kind of team: Companies, Students, Governments.

Submitting your idea is possible till, depending on the track, August 14th and 17th.

A very impressive jury will select a Top 30 teams who will fly to Singapore, expenses paid, to improve their idea at the first event on September 1st and 2nd with rich data, experts and mentors. You will be able to make your solution much better.

The 20 best will all fly to New Dehli in India for the Grand Finale on September 7th and 8th and get a chance to pitch their ideas and win amazing prizes. The total worth of monetary prizes is €300.000+. But you also get the chance to get YOUR idea implemented in 100 Smart Cities in Idea and inspire the world!


There are two tracks (coding and solving) and many themes you can participate in: Multimodal Commuter Mobility in Cities, Multi-modal Freight handling and Transportation, Future of Mobility, Road Safety, Artificial Intelligence for Indian Transport Infrastructure, Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in India, Alternative Energy, Solutions for the Electric Revolution, Urban Aerial Mobility, Technology for Pune Smart City Mobility Challenges. See all themes and topics


So what are you waiting for! Get together a team and submit your idea and maybe you’re one of the 30 teams that will be flied to Singapore and get a chance to improve the world! Put your minds together to solve for India and solve for the world!

Submit your idea at: https://www.movehack.gov.in/