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In the library of Nantucket I attended a presentation by William D. Cohan, a business writer, colomnist of the New York Times, former trader and tv personality. He was supposed to talk about his book “Why Wall Street Matters”, but instead he talked about the four factors that will make a financial crisis happen again. William worked on Wall Street (at Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan Chase and more) for 17 years(!) and thinks the compensation system of that world causes all the financial problems time after time. I interviewed him afterwards and summarized it in five minutes! William wrote a number of books on Wall street and his next book will be different. It will be published next year and he is warning us… Who will listen?


–  Vincent Everts, Dutch trendwatcher in the field of digital innovation | More about Vincent Everts

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Hackathon in India and Singapore

There’s gonna be a fantastic hackathon MOVEHACK on mobility organized by the governments of India and Singapore in August and September. It’s all about teams who come up with smart solutions for smart cities, smart traffic, AI usage and solving very complex data problems.

India is being transformed at a very rapid rate. In the hackathon the best minds of the world will compete and come up with prototypes and solutions for the diverse problems India faces. If you look around, you’ll see that these problems do not only exist in India but all over the world. If you can solve for India, you can solve for the world.

Selected teams will fly to Singapore and India, expenses paid, and get a chance to win amazing prizes. Submit your team and idea


The online competition started on August the 1st. You can put in a team and it can be any kind of team: Companies, Students, Governments.

Submitting your idea is possible till, depending on the track, August 14th and 17th.

A very impressive jury will select a Top 30 teams who will fly to Singapore, expenses paid, to improve their idea at the first event on September 1st and 2nd with rich data, experts and mentors. You will be able to make your solution much better.

The 20 best will all fly to New Dehli in India for the Grand Finale on September 7th and 8th and get a chance to pitch their ideas and win amazing prizes. The total worth of monetary prizes is €300.000+. But you also get the chance to get YOUR idea implemented in 100 Smart Cities in Idea and inspire the world!


There are two tracks (coding and solving) and many themes you can participate in: Multimodal Commuter Mobility in Cities, Multi-modal Freight handling and Transportation, Future of Mobility, Road Safety, Artificial Intelligence for Indian Transport Infrastructure, Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in India, Alternative Energy, Solutions for the Electric Revolution, Urban Aerial Mobility, Technology for Pune Smart City Mobility Challenges. See all themes and topics


So what are you waiting for! Get together a team and submit your idea and maybe you’re one of the 30 teams that will be flied to Singapore and get a chance to improve the world! Put your minds together to solve for India and solve for the world!

Submit your idea at: https://www.movehack.gov.in/

–  Vincent Everts, Dutch trendwatcher in the field of digital innovation | More about Vincent Everts

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At Broadway New York, I am interviewing Jan Raes who is a Sustainability Advisor at ABN AMRO Bank. Jan came to the United Nations in New York and he talked about the Circular Economy Finance Guidelines. This initiative was started by three big Dutch banks inspired by the ambition to create a joint framework for financing the circular economy. The guidelines meet a need for better insight into financial backing for the circular economy and aim to help drive such financing. They made it open source, right to copy, and the aim is to make these guidelines to become the world standard in the circular economy. How do they want to do that? What is the interest of the world in sustainability?

Natec invited me to report at Intersolar in Munich, Europe’s largest solar show. One of the most interesting stories was from Chinese CEO of CanadianSolar: Dr. Shawn Qu – the “Steve Jobs” of the solar world. CanadianSolar is on a mission to cover the planet in solar panels. Dr. Shawn Qu thinks it’s good for the planet and that in 15 years solar will be 10% of the worldwide electricity. He’s from China but studied in Canada. Find out about the story of this man who sets out to be one of the biggest players in the solar industry!

Dr. Shawn Qu also tells us about he top players in the Canadian Solar product range and why!

Click here to watch all videos from CanadianSolar at Intersolar!

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I’ve connected my reputation for the first time to an ICO, Solve.Care, because I believe they do an extremely useful job in the healthcare industry. Solve.Care wants to revolutionize healthcare on the Blockchain. Design is important. If you are an UX designer and want to enter a meaningful contest please take a look at this. Solve.Care, a healthcare administration platform intended to streamline the healthcare system, has launched a Care.Card UX Contest. Care.Cards are integral to coordinating healthcare services and processes across the platform. The goal of the contest is to involve creative minds from all over the world in the development and design of Care.Cards. Winners will be announced on August 3, 2018. All contest details are posted on the Solve.Care website. ENTER CONTEST

In order to win a grand prize of 100,000 CAN tokens, participants must build intuitive and user-friendly Care.Cards that automate healthcare processes inside the Care.Wallet ecosystem. Every entry in the contest must be visually aesthetic and seamlessly functional. The creativity of the card and adaptivity of its content will also be considered in choosing the contest winner. There are three different Care.Cards that participants can create and enter in the contest.

The jury of the contest comprises top professionals in the healthcare industry, including Jami Berger (Arizona Care Network), Michael Kessel (Cleveland Clinic Canada), Subha Ramiah (Cigna), David Randall (ARPI), and Ashis Chawla (St. Joseph’s Health Centre). Berger, who is the Executive Director of the Arizona Care Network, appealed to potential contest participants, stating that, “…when we are our most vulnerable is when we need to access complex and convoluted healthcare systems. We want to hear how you can make this better for all of us – how would you make it less complex – how would you change healthcare access – how will you be an innovator!”

Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel emphasized the company’s intention of involving the global community in the mission of improving healthcare processes. “The talented creators will generate new and innovative user experiences for you, your family, friends, everyone, who has ever faced with daunting administration processes, to manage healthcare with greater autonomy, transparency and control over their information,” said Goel. Pradeep gave an inspiring talk at BIC18 as well:

The contest prizes reflect an appreciation for community involvement. All submissions that pass the qualification stage will receive 1000 tokens. The top three submissions for each of the three different Care.Cards will receive more substantial token prizes, with first place receiving100,000 tokens, second place receiving 35,000 tokens, and third place receiving 15,000 tokens. All prizes are paid out in CAN tokens.

Registration for the Care.Card UX Contest has already started and continues through July 17. Contest entries can be submitted starting July 5. Submissions will be judged by domain experts and health industry executives between July 20-August 1. The official contest website contains the form for registration, information for contestants, and the timeline of the event. ENTER CONTEST




Greg Shapiro came to the Nederland’s from Chicago and has been involved in Amsterdam based comedian community Boom Chicago since the very beginning! Over 26 million people know him as the voice of Donald Trump in the Zondag met Lubach viral video The Netherlands Second and now has his own show The United States of Europe.

Boom Chicago turns 25 this year and it’s being celebrated with a big birthday party bash in the Royal Theater Carré on Saturday July 14 with two fantastic shows. One will be a performance by alumnus Seth Meyers, host of Late Night with Seth Meyers.  The second show that evening will be the Boom Chicago&Friends show featuring Boom Chicago’s current and former cast and Dutch comedy friends like Ruben van der Meer and Horace Cohen.

What does Greg think of America? What does he think of the future of Europe? And how about the 25 years of Boom Chicago? All in this interview!

This week I was at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona to check out all the latest tech trends on 5G, AI, VR, gadgets, selfdriving and showcases by all big companies like Google, Samsung (and their brand new S9), Huawei (Selfdriving Porsch driven by phone), Nokia (new old-school phones) and much more! It was HUGE!

Links from the video:




I interviewed Ben Banerjee, organizer of the Blockchain Leadership Summit in Switzerland on March 9th. They have a fantastic program with people from the UN, big banks and politicians who will talk about what to do with blockchain. What is the focus? How is the conference setup? Which speakers can we expect? What people join the conference. How is it organized? Use the code BiC (small i) for a discount if you are going!



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Electric cars sceptic Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear did an amazing positive review the Tesla Model X! A very fun video to watch this weekend.In a test of the Tesla Model X, Jeremy Clarkson is joined by lawyers in this legally perilous task. Watch full version

I also did a review of my Tesla Model X after 40.000km (video in Dutch):


My review is a very popular video on youtube, but not as popular as when something goes wrong! Here I had no range with my Model X and stranded 1 mile away from home. It then took a full day and 2 trucks to get it home! Nothing as interesting as fun as when something goes wrong! (video in Dutch)

How is it to start your own ICO? Feel the drama excitement and passion it takes. SEAL combines NFC chips and blockchain technology to verify wether clothing and products are authentic. They are on a mission to fight “fake” products by letting brands ad their products to the blockchain, scannable for all customers by just using your smartphone. How do you build the good team & connect to the advisors? How do you promote the ICO? I talked to CEO Bart Verschoor at the day they were supposed to start the pre-ICO after working on it for a year. But that did not happen…yet.