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I’ve connected my reputation for the first time to an ICO, Solve.Care, because I believe they do an extremely useful job in the healthcare industry. Solve.Care wants to revolutionize healthcare on the Blockchain. Design is important. If you are an UX designer and want to enter a meaningful contest please take a look at this. Solve.Care, a healthcare administration platform intended to streamline the healthcare system, has launched a Care.Card UX Contest. Care.Cards are integral to coordinating healthcare services and processes across the platform. The goal of the contest is to involve creative minds from all over the world in the development and design of Care.Cards. Winners will be announced on August 3, 2018. All contest details are posted on the Solve.Care website. ENTER CONTEST

In order to win a grand prize of 100,000 CAN tokens, participants must build intuitive and user-friendly Care.Cards that automate healthcare processes inside the Care.Wallet ecosystem. Every entry in the contest must be visually aesthetic and seamlessly functional. The creativity of the card and adaptivity of its content will also be considered in choosing the contest winner. There are three different Care.Cards that participants can create and enter in the contest.

The jury of the contest comprises top professionals in the healthcare industry, including Jami Berger (Arizona Care Network), Michael Kessel (Cleveland Clinic Canada), Subha Ramiah (Cigna), David Randall (ARPI), and Ashis Chawla (St. Joseph’s Health Centre). Berger, who is the Executive Director of the Arizona Care Network, appealed to potential contest participants, stating that, “…when we are our most vulnerable is when we need to access complex and convoluted healthcare systems. We want to hear how you can make this better for all of us – how would you make it less complex – how would you change healthcare access – how will you be an innovator!”

Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel emphasized the company’s intention of involving the global community in the mission of improving healthcare processes. “The talented creators will generate new and innovative user experiences for you, your family, friends, everyone, who has ever faced with daunting administration processes, to manage healthcare with greater autonomy, transparency and control over their information,” said Goel. Pradeep gave an inspiring talk at BIC18 as well:

The contest prizes reflect an appreciation for community involvement. All submissions that pass the qualification stage will receive 1000 tokens. The top three submissions for each of the three different Care.Cards will receive more substantial token prizes, with first place receiving100,000 tokens, second place receiving 35,000 tokens, and third place receiving 15,000 tokens. All prizes are paid out in CAN tokens.

Registration for the Care.Card UX Contest has already started and continues through July 17. Contest entries can be submitted starting July 5. Submissions will be judged by domain experts and health industry executives between July 20-August 1. The official contest website contains the form for registration, information for contestants, and the timeline of the event. ENTER CONTEST





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