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Lodewijk Hof is a Dutch entrepreneur and author of “Get financially independent: A practical guide towards financial success. Lodewijk interviewed me about crypto currency and blockchain for his new HofProfit podcast about financial trends. He is wondering if blockchain and crypto aren’t mainly used as a tool for criminal activities. However the blockchains are extremely open and all transactions can be checked. The interview includes a quick introductions to blockchain and crypto price predictions.


I also saw this video where technical analysis expert Jerry Banfield made bold predictions about the crypto currencies prices in September. I do not endorse these predictions but they are fun to watch.

Around 15 speakers came together in Arnhem to talk about the future of Bitcoin. One of the great talks was by Dr.Peter Rizun of Bitcoin Unlimited about how Bitcoin blocks should be way bigger and even unlimited in size. That way no one will have to wait for the transactions to succeed. Craigh Wright says the world doesn’t need a leader, but the world needs those ideas that the market will accept.

I interviewed speaker Jihan Wu, CEO of Bitmain,  one of the largest hardware deliverers for Bitcoin miners. Bitmain delivers 60% of all mining hardware in the world. Jihan is the first person to translate Satoshi’s 2009 whitepaper into Chinese and has been working with blockchain and Bitcoin for a very long time.

Also lots of Bitcoin Miners were attending the conference. This Ex Bitcoin Miner is creating a brand new dagchain foundation called Spectre Protocol!

Stream the full conference below with highlights by Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitmain!

And day 2!

Onlangs gaf ik een presentatie op een Internet Of Things event van de HPE usergroup Interexperience. Clemens Esser is momenteel Chief Technologist en Presales Manager en werkt al 28 jaar rondom HPE! Hij heeft alles meegemaakt, ik interviewde hem tijdens het IoT event over hoe HPE, Digital, Compaq, Tandem, HP en de computerindustrie door de jaren heen zijn veranderd.

Ook sprak ik Managing Director Michiel van Vlimmeren over de splitsing van het bedrijf, blockchain en de rol van de gebruikerscommunity Interexperience. Michiel verteld ook over het Reimagine 2017 event op 20 juni, waar alle producten en ecosystemen van HPE samen komen!

Bekijk de video hieronder voor een impressie van de top meeting!

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Op 18 en 19 mei kwamen tijdens TheNextWeb 2017 in Amsterdam in 2 dagen 20.000 nerds bij elkaar om zich volledig onder te dompelen in de toekomst van technologie. De meest uiteenlopende internationale sprekers van Skip Potter (CTO Nike) tot Hardwell (DJ/Producer) en een geweldige presentatie van Chris Skinner. De Westergasfabriek zag er prachtig uit! Ik interviewde TNW co-founder Patrick de Laive over hoe ze 13 jaar geleden gestart zijn met 200 bezoekers en wat hij van al die jaren heeft geleerd.

Google spinout Niantic CMO Mike Quigley over de Pokémon Go story en de inmiddels al 11 miljard afgelegde kilometers, waanzinnig! Hij was een van de geweldige sprekers op de conferentie!

De venue was mooi aangekleed en je kan contactloos betalen, wel een beetje lang in de rij gestaan! Mijn eerste indruk in tour deel 1!

De Exhibition Hall zat vol met kleine en grote startups die zichzelf van hun beste kant lieten zien. Onder andere Brand your Shoes, Virtual Tours of the City, IBM en een privacy zoekmachine uit Nederland!

In de Battle of the Startups toren moest iedereen heel kort en krachtig presenteren in een soort lichtgevende boxring. Het zag er waanzinnig uit, een hele originele manier van nieuwe bedrijven presenteren. Wie doet het het best?

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Op 15 juni is de 3D-Print Conference 2017 in Vondel CS in Amsterdam! Vorig jaar was het al een waanzinnig evenement en dit jaar is het alweer de derde editie van de conferentie. Tijdens het event staat de toekomst van de 3D industrie centraal en kan je kennismaken met 3D-printing en komt zelfs de 4D-printing aan bod!

Het is een invitation only event, dus niet iedereen kan erheen, maar wanneer je werkzaam bent in de innovatie en geïnteresseerd bent in 3D-printing kan je als lezer van mijn site gratis naar het event door de code specialguest2017 in te vullen op de website! Wees er snel bij!

Met Jeroen Veger van Assembl3d, één van de partners van de conferentie, bespreek ik het event!

Klik hier voor de mooie promovideo die voor de derde editie is gemaakt!



HRH Prince Constantijn of The Netherlands  opened the Digital Insurance Agenda in Amsterdam and had a very insightful talk on how important it is for startups and mature companies to work together, help eachother innovate and respect eachothers culture. Prince Constantijn is an entrepreneur and used to work inside the European Commission together with Neelie Kroes until 2015. Now he is startup ambassador in the Netherlands and leads the Dutch startup ecosystem StartupDelta. He sees this country as one of the best possible places for starting, growing and internationalizing business, and as a gateway to the rest of Europe. In the interview he was also very open and honest about how he prefers to work in smaller companies over big bureaucracies and how independence is extremely important to him.

He also talks about the blockchain and says it’s very interesting for being the trust protocol and helping to decentralize the system and getting people cooperating. Because it’s so popular and can be used by small and big companies it helps all kinds of business partners to work together without trust being an issue. He thinks blockchain is a catalyst for change and creates a new frame of thinking in old industries. Lastly he shares how his nephew Bernhard van Oranje has been an entrepreneurial role model in the royal family and has set an example with that drive.


On the 11th and 12th of May the Digital Insurance Agenda took place in Amsterdam, an amazing world class event where over 700 executives of 200 companies from 36 countries showed up! It was very special for a few reasons. Usually the insurance industry can be quite boring for not focussing on new technology, but at this years event they managed to make InsureTech extremely hip and interesting. They turned the Westergasfabriek into a beautiful venue and there were lots of amazing speakers of different companies every 15 minutes, over 50 incredible startups, great food and wonderful people. Everyone was in a great mood, wanting to improve and looking for innovation.

DIA initiators Reggy de Feniks, Roger Peverelli and Conny Dorrestijn are absolutely world class entrepreneurs with a deep knowledge of the insurance industry. Because of their network they gained the trust of hundreds of people to come the previous edition in Barcelona. Everybody was talking about it and from that moment every one in the insurance industry wanted to be a part of it. I interviewed them about the event and reinventing customer engagement! How did they come up with the idea to do something this cool for InsureTech?

One of the amazing startups was Sentiance, a Belgium company that intelligently tracks and traces everybody! By taking raw data from mobile phones they know exactly where all your customers are and what they are doing. You can see it in real time on amazing animations. It’s kind of creepy but also handy and unbelievable in how much detail you can see what people are doing. By using this kind of data companies can provide more suitable services. Already used by millions all over the world but it’s only the beginning and for a euro a month you can join it. CBDO Tom Vandendooren explains how it works!

Hover makes 3D models of your house by using pictures you took on your phone, an extremely handy feature for contractors and insurance companies! It shows you all measurements, from the roof to the windows to the basement without having to visit the property. The company was founded in 2011 to support USA troops in Iraq/Afghanistan and is now growing very fast having already 800 people working. For 20 dollars you can make a model of a house anywhere in the world!

Reply.ai make a very interesting chat bot that by their estimations will be powering 85% of all customer service interactions by the year 2020. The company is just a year old and are already working for all the big players like HP, Unilever, Starbucks, Ryanair and many more. In the interview I asked CEO Clara the Soto how this is possible in just 15 months! It’s her 3rd company and together with cofounders from Google they started this project. If a company has all the right papers to make it, this is it! We also demo all the very creative features of the bot.

BIMA Mobile is bringing insurance to people all over the world who never had it before. Offering simple life insurance, personal accident insurance (for 3 cents a day!) and basic hospitalization. So for about 3 dollar a month you can get the full insurance package with income protection. BIMA currently has 30 million customers worldwide, 3000 employees and has been funded for 75 million by investors. Started out in 2010, now active in 16 countries and growing each day. How do they do this? I interviewed head of communication Nicola Smith and included a demo on not a smart phone, but a feature phone! Very interesting and a socially extremely useful company!

Dacadoo, a health care platform that tracks the health of the user with 50% engagement rate. It helps you stay healthy by tracking your daily patterns and advising what to eat, drink and when and how much to move. It also motivates you by giving rewards and keeping score. Insurance companies can use this information and currently they are starting a project with Mensis in the Netherlands. I interviewed Lucas Ammann about the app!

On April 21st the Dutch FinTech Awards took place at the Rabobank headquarters in Utrecht! As chairman it was a hell of a job to organise a total of 21 companies who where fighting to be the number 1 FinTech company of The Netherlands! Over 15.000 enthousiasts voted for their favorite startup and combined with the vote of a judge of experts a top 3 in each category was featured, of which each company could pitch their idea in front of all attending stakeholders.

The overall winner is BUX, an interactive app that allows everyone to participate in the stock market and makes it accessible to all, even if you have no previous experience whatsoever. CEO Nick Bortot has inspired over a million people to play with investments in stock. First you start off with funny money and once you get a hang of it you can begin investing. Over 70.000 users are already using the app for serious transactions. The number of users is growing rapidly and are, besides the Netherlands, also based in Germany and the United Kingdom. It’s very remarkable that of the 40 people working for BUX, only 3 have a financial background, others are all active in gaming, design and customer interaction. A very interesting company in the FinTech industry! What can we expect from BUX in the future?

Alex Weber of the amazing German startup N26 was one of the great keynote speakers at the Award show. N26 is an entirely mobile European bank. After getting myself an account I found out it’s a real smooth process and completely optimized for smart phone usage. It’s also free to use, with is great since withdrawals from banks in Germany are really expensive. N26 currently has 55 million in investments and 300.000 clients of which 10.000 in The Netherlands. With just one license from the German national bank, they can do business in 17 countries in Europe, without first having to go to each central national bank, very convenient! What is their business model? And how is their idea different from the current system?

Rabobank hosted the event and works together with young FinTech companies on an amazing scale. COO Ralf Dekker talks about speeding up innovation after fully stabilizing the system for the last few years. He thinks the new and quick companies are a great way to experiment with all kinds of changes and sees these startups as a big opportunity rather than a threat. What are the future challenges for Rabobank and what is their vision towards FinTech?

InsureTech was a very interesting category and has 2 winners! One of them is Friss, an insurance platform with a fantastic fraud detection system. Second winner is Openclaims, an auction platform on which you can upload the damage of your vehicle and immediately get all kinds of suitable offers for your specific case. Jeroen Morrenhof, CEO Friss, has been working under the radar on this project for 10 years and expects to expand at a very big rate for the upcoming 10 years! How is he planning to do so?

All winners per category are listed below:

Otly! – Innovative Banking
Guts.tickets – Blockchain – DLT
BUX – Lending, Financing & Investing
SRXP - Payments & Transfers
Cybersprint – Risk, Intelligence & Security
Friss + Openclaims – InsurTech
Rabobank – Incumbent Banks

Below you can see the results of the public-vote, provided by Sqiffer!

Lending, Financing & Investing


Incumbent Banks

Payments & Transfers

Risk, Intelligence & Security

Blockchain – DLT
image-10 image-9
Innovative Banking

0 3045

Last week I attended the event ‘My phone, my phone, my irresistible phone’ by The John Adams Institute in Amsterdam. During the event about the dominance of the smart phone in current times, several speakers shared their opinions on this big topic that we’re all part of. One of them was Adam Alter, American author of Irresistible (translated by Maven Publishing as Superverslavend). He talked about techniques used by tech-companies to make their products more and more addictive and explains it’s not always the fault of our own weaknesses when we’re once again unable put the phone down. Watch the video below to get an impression of what it was like and get an insight in the views of Adam.

Wouter van Noort is a Dutch journalist for NRC and author of recently published Is daar Iemand?. His book shares the topics Adam talked about and Wouter dives even further into our relationship to technology. The smart phone is taking over our lives. How is this obsession changing us? And why or why isn’t that a bad thing? In the interview in Dutch he tells all about it. Is it really as bad as we sometimes think?

Marleen Stikker, founder of the Waag society, an institute for arts, science and technology, thinks questions the ethical sides of current tech-developments and business models originating in Silicon Valley. The smartphone addiction and data exploitation on us, the user, has reached unprecedented heights. Marleen believes we should develop more ethical business models in Europe instead of joining Donald Trump. We discussed some of the examples in the Dutch interview.