Home blockchain The Future Of Bitcoin Conference 2017 with Bitmain, Bitcoin Unlimited and “Satoshi Nakamoto”

Around 15 speakers came together in Arnhem to talk about the future of Bitcoin. One of the great talks was by Dr.Peter Rizun of Bitcoin Unlimited about how Bitcoin blocks should be way bigger and even unlimited in size. That way no one will have to wait for the transactions to succeed. Craigh Wright says the world doesn’t need a leader, but the world needs those ideas that the market will accept.

I interviewed speaker Jihan Wu, CEO of Bitmain,  one of the largest hardware deliverers for Bitcoin miners. Bitmain delivers 60% of all mining hardware in the world. Jihan is the first person to translate Satoshi’s 2009 whitepaper into Chinese and has been working with blockchain and Bitcoin for a very long time.

Also lots of Bitcoin Miners were attending the conference. This Ex Bitcoin Miner is creating a brand new dagchain foundation called Spectre Protocol!

Stream the full conference below with highlights by Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitmain!


And day 2!



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