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Happy new year! 2019 will be a cool  year for digital innovation. Next week I will be virtually attending the CES in Las Vegas, where each year all tech and gadgets trends come together. What can we expect?

8k  screens will be hitting the shelves this year! Who cares, there is no content yet.. Also, I will take a look at the flexible screens and the first folding phones.

Smart homes and virtual assistants have a big presence. 25 millions were sold last year. Amazon Alexa and Google’s Echo is infiltrating every aspect of our lives and homes. Every tech company is jumping on that trend. Google & Amazon made their booth bigger than ever and we can expect some BIG announcements.

All the EV’s and Autonomous cars will be there and in-car entertainment will be going to a new level.. Audi will be showing off an all-new in-car entertainment system.

But most of all, 2019 will be the year of 5G! Follow the CES live stream next week from january 8-11! Next year I’ll be planning a trip. Want to come?

And make sure you watch my 2019 preview and 2018 overview!

–  Vincent Everts, Dutch trendwatcher in the field of digital innovation | More about Vincent Everts



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