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Health data

I’m at the Websummit in Dublin where Karl Martin from the startup Nymi Inc. had a good observation. According to him doctors are willing to give up some of their autonomy when the data of wearables is reliable enough. Nowadays we have the possibility to continuously monitor our health situation. A lot of doctors consider this a threat but there are some progressive doctors who are willing to take all this information serious. Karl Martin met one of them and I talk with him about the future of connecting patient data to regular healthcare.

A lot of startups at the Websummit had something to do with healthcare and data, I spoke with three of those initiatives including Karl Martin.


The Nymi band reads the electrocardiogram and it has received 15 million dollars in funding already. The watch has two electrodes, one touching the wrist and one on the outside. When you touch the one on the outside it captures the electrical activity of your heart. This signal is a unique signature and can be used as biometric security.


Telescrypts is a health care startup for emerging markets and is currently working in Tanzania. They want to implement smart mobile systems in developing countries to collect healthcare information. Omron Blauo is the CEO and he shows me how their mobile health systems helps the people of Tanzania.


Khearos is based in Switzerland. It monitors heart patients remotely and sends the data to a cardiologist so that the patients doesn’t have to go to the hospital every month. The service is targeting to increase the life expectancy of patients diagnosed with heart failure.


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