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William Binney

William Binney was a NSA official (National Security Agency, USA) for 36 years and has been described as one of the best analysts in the history of the NSA. He discovered their mass surveillance program in 2001. It bothered him so much that the NSA violated fundamental rights and did not respect American laws that he decided to leave the NSA. He is now one of the most famous whistle blowers and explained to us how the NSA works.

William’s problems with the NSA

William Binney describes the work method of the NSA. They go directly to the companies and ask for all the data (including big companies like CISCO and Microsoft). They have tap points in the internet but also in the networks of companies so if a company doesn’t want to cooperate they can still get all their data without them even knowing about it. Other countries participate in the PRISM program as well, including The Netherlands. The NSA can track you around the world with the treasure map program. They know where you are every minute of the day. This program analyses video streams, has face recognision, has all the GPS info and much more to track you minute by minute.

Can they do something useful with all the data?

They can, but they don’t know how. They have so much data which makes it impossible to work with. The NSA doesn’t know who the terrorists are, they don’t have a lead and they don’t get these leads from all the data in time. They use all the data to eliminate threats. When they know someone is up to something they use all the data they have to find some dirt and use it against them. They use this method against reporters as well, all around the world.

Obama is worse than Dick Cheney

Obama prosecuted more whistleblowers than all the presidents before him combined, a lot more than the Bush/Cheney administration. And Obama knows as a constitutional lawyer that this is a direct violation of the constitution. He’s not doing anything against this and according to William Buttley the reason behind all this is that he’s afraid of the very powerful intelligence agencies. He hopes Trump will put an end to it.

Watch the full interview with William Binney

Arjen Kamphuis (Dutch)

Also watch this Dutch interview with Arjen Kamphuis of Brunel. He is the one who managed to get William Binney to The Netherlands. Arjen has a history at IBM where he worked on big IT-infrastructure project. He is known in the hackerscene and for Brunel he activates companies to protect themselves against cyber espionage which costs us billions a year.


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