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At the blockchain conference in Barcelona I took a look at 40 ICOs and I’ve selected 5 ICOs which I think have the best chance of making it. CrowdWiz is a very interesting platform that makes trading with a group of people as easy as possible. Cypherium is a great project, they don’t necessarily want to raise a lot of money, but they just want to make a brilliant blockchain. DomRaider has a great team and is around for a while, domain names on the blockchain. Finom is a company that already has a products like the TabTrader app that I started using: Bitcoin trading for Android. Playkey is a way to run high end games on low end PCs. That way you can run nice games on very slow computers. Like most ICOs they all want to raise a lot of money, but at least these product seem to be working pretty well!

I also take you on a quick tour around 20 of the 40 ICOs! How big are the companies? How long do they exist? How many coins are raised? What is the team and where are they based?

A full list of all the ICOs:
Remme, Arcona, AdvanceHub, BlockEx, Celcius, Confideal, Credit Protocol, Crowdwiz, crypto.tickets, cypherium, denumero, Domraider, Finom, Gero Health, Greeneum, Hacken, Hamster Marketplace, Hash Rush, Ignis, Izetex, BlockV, Winding Tree, TokenBox, Ties.Network, Spectiv, Scriptdrop, Rightmesh, Rega Risk Sharing, Prosense, PlayKey, Jincor, Kickcity, LAToken, Loci, Lordmancer, Markspace.io, Modex, Modultrade, Napoleon


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