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I am talking to Matthew (Matt) Fee, member of the Select Board in Nantucket, about the politics of Nantucket. What are the hot subjects in town? It is all about development! Nantucket is a small island and there is a 14 acre piece of land where developers are planning 250 houses. The average house price in Nantucket is around 1-3 million dollars! What does it mean to have social affordable housing in Nantucket? What are the issues regarding the big expansion on a small island? How do the islanders react? They expect an increase of traffic of more than 800 cars, which would cause a gridlock on the island. Moreover, there is also the issues of the cliffs as climate change is making the island smaller every year, resulting in a couple of feet disappearing into the sea, which upsets a lot of people. How do they plan to accomodate so many people on such a small space while keeping the living space still enjoyable? What else is going on in Nantucket? An overview of 2018:

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