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I was at the Chatbot Conference in Utrecht as Chairman for the day and there was a lot to see! These are some of the highlights:

I talked with Eric Postma, who is a professor Artificial Intelligence at Tilburg University and Jheronimus Academy of Data Science. I asked Eric on the future of AI. What can we expect in the coming five years regarding real life AI innovations? As chatbots become more advanced, could there be a time where humans cannot distinguish interaction with a computer versus interaction with a human anymore? Eric estimates that roughly 80% of current business communication could be done with AI instead. How can (narrow) AI outperform humans in executing certain tasks (e.g. skin cancer recognition). We talk about the rise of AI until now and the future. Where will self driving cars be in five years? What are the difficulties in AI for the future?

Booking.com uses AI for their Booking Assistant bot and this bot now resolves half of the thousands of daily customer support queries (in English) it receives within five minutes! I talked to the guys of Booking.com about this Booking Assistant. Maarten Versteegh & Phil Parsons explain me what the Booking Assistant is all about and how it was created. How does the Booking Assistant work and what data does it use? What happens with the questions the Booking Assistant cannot answer? What about learning the bot multiple languages? The bot is now mainly used for the messaging interface, which is a small percentage of the total messages. What about scaling the technology to make the bot suitable for other channels?

I also talked with Elvire Jaspers, the CEO of We Are Brain, about their product Tur AI. Tur AI is a platform for services to build on in order to improve organisational processes by means of robotic process automation. We Are Brain presented their Heineken Case and explained how robotic process automation made processes within Heineken more efficient. How does this chatbot work? And why does this chatbot use Skype for Business? (Video is in Dutch)


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