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 Microsoft’s Logistics Manager Ken O’Farell is responsible for shipping 1 million packages a day. He worked together with logistics vendors to create a supply chain blockchain project to study if this would be practical to solve problems. Watch his extreme honest evaluation.

Laurent Haug is a colleague French trendwatcher who lives in Switzerland. He presented on consumer development trends: will offline & online coexist? And robots? Is there a role for humanity? He is an optimist!  Make sure to take look at his YouTube channel as well!

In 2017 1.2 million Electric Vehicles were sold worldwide. Really? NO! 1.7 million LSEVs were sold in China alone, which are electric cars that sell from $1000-$3000! Take a look at this video. Amazing we were missing this all these years. I interview David Li of Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab.

Also located in Shenzhen is DJI Drones which started to sell Drones in 2010 and now they have 80% of the market and 14.000 people. What is the latest model? I interview managing director Martin Brandenburg about the company and the use of drones! I have great photos and a movie where a drone is chasing me!

I also talked to Vice President Victoria Lonker of Verizon corporate services. She manages $11 billion in sales and we talk about the new Swedish CEO and! She excited me with stories about 5G being available in the USA in 5 markets where you have unlimited data (up to 1 Gb/s) for $70. Wired solutions will disappear 90% of the time!

 En nu Nederlands: VER-lid Robert ging naar de EVS beurs in Japan en zag dat 25% van de auto’s nu een plug hebben. Hij geeft een top tour van autonomous rijdende concept auto’s, opengewerkte waterstof cars, superchargers en een land wat elektrisch flink omarmt, ook al gaat het Robert van EVrijders.nl nooit snel genoeg.

– Vincent Everts

–  Vincent Everts, Dutch trendwatcher in the field of digital innovation | More about Vincent Everts


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