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At the event 300 Tesla owners came together to hear news from Jon McNeill (President Global Sales & Service Tesla) and Kim Liebregts (Country Director Tesla NL) about the latest updates and to ask them questions. Four main topics were discussed. (1) Jon is autopilot betatester and said there are a lot of improvements coming for Tesla’s autonomous driving software this quarter. (2) Also this year there will be better navigation. (3) One of the owners asked what Tesla will do with all the Model X owners who experience lots of vibration. Jon said it’s just a small amount of the cars (we don’t think so), but they will fix it for everyone and it’s part of the warranty. (4) The customer service will improve drastically and will be pro-active. A very nice event, but unfortunately the Model 3 wasn’t shown yet! Better luck next time! Watch the full event below!


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