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At the CryptoFinancing Conference in London I interviewed Olga Feldmeier, who is the CEO of Swiss ICO management company Smart Valor and sat at the panel on ICO regulation. Olga was the only one who was in favor of smart regulations and says the cryptocurrency world needs it. While working for the Swiss bank she was already involved in regulating Bitcoin. Now lots of ICO’s take place in Switzerland because companies have faith in working there. Smart regulation in cryptocurrency world is good for business, investors and companies who want to do it the right way.

Smart Valor provides startups direct access to capital, helps investors discover new ways to engage with businesses, and works to shape the future of capital markets and token funding instruments. Formerly Olga was Executive Director, UBS AG in Switzerland and a Vice President, Barclays Capital in London. She also had a tenure at The Boston Consulting Group in Munich. In Smart Valor they combine Swiss banking efficiency with cryptocurrency.


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