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We saw a lot of interesting companies. Beat2Phone is a high quality ECG which is cleared by the Health care authorities. For €300 you turn a phone in a profesional ECG machine. Demo and business background. They are looking for partners in the netherlands and Beyond!

In Helsinki 200.000 fysical visits were replaced by a structured video conference toolVvideovisitlive. Not skype! Cost are €25/patient/month. Instead of a €45 fee for a fysical visit the city pad €5/consult. This family startup has 14 people and a nice system which can be used in many sectors


A demo with screen sharing, video and audio. Also the backoffice.


Robots are everything.. @startshiprobots does delivery in the last few mile like shopping, food and medicine. It’s almost autonomous but sometimes it needs some help from an operator. They just raised  €17M from daimler. 100 robots are runing around in London, Silicon Valley, Berlin etc..

Background and demo

Background of the Robot technology!


Watson ofcourse has incredible promises. Like integrated public information with EPD info and test’s. This can save health care professional a lot of time.

How is Watson used in finland? What does it cost? How do you work with it, what are the cost and a demo made in 1 week!


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