Home Bedrijven en personen Professor Bernard Lietaer excited about ICO Bancor raising $150 million in 2 hours!

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Bernard Lietaer is a currency expert, author of the well-known “The Future of Money: Beyond Greed and Scarcity” and famous for coming up with the idea for the Euro. Dr. Lietaer designed the ECU, the mechanism which enabled the currencies of twelve countries to converge, while he was at the central bank of Belgium. Currently he Chief Monetary Architect at B(ancor) Protocol Foundation which raised $150 million in 2 hours after the ICO launch. For Bernard, Bitcoin is not important, but blockchain is. He says Bancor is not a coin but it’s a protocol that makes it possible for crypto currencies to be marketable and convertable without a third party. Lietaer thinks it has the power to change the playing field.


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