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Vint Cerf

I met a lot of really interesting people at the People Centered Internet Conference at Stanford University. I made a total of 16 interviews including an interview with Vint Cerf (the father of the internet). But also with CEO of the Estonian E-health Foundation Madis Tiik and the initiator of the San Diego medical records hub Ted Chan.

You can watch all the 16 interviews in this playlist:

Vint Cerf explains why the ‘people centered internet’ is essential for healthcare innovation

Vint Cerf, better known as the father of the internet, is co-organiser of the ‘people centered internet’ and explains why integrating the health care date through the internet is essential for innovation. He talks about the Estonian example I also talked about with Madis Tiik.

Madis Tiik, CEO of the Estonian E-health foundation explains the Estonian central health records system

Last month I visited Estonia, a country ran as a startup. It has a centralised healthcare records systems, founded in law, where all health care providers work together. For a total of $10 million it was implemented between 2004 and 2010 and it has been working now for 6 years. What are the experiences and lessons learned? What about professional rivalry? The mistrust of citizens? IT problems? CEO Madis Tiik discusses it all.

Ted Chan, Department chair of the Emergency Medicine department at UCSD about their medical records hub

San Diego has 3 million people and 100.000+ health care workers. They share a medical records hub with millions of interactions per month for only 3 million dollars a year. Ted Chan is a medical doctor who worked on it for 5 years since 2010 and it went live in 2013. What are the lessons learned? How to overcome trust en business competition? Where will it go from here?


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