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Nerd-special: Tour of the impressive MWC Huawei booth

I walked around with Francisco, a very enthusiastic pre sales engineer who works at Huawei Germany. He showed me around at their enormous 8000m2 booth at the Mobile World Congres. A booth that showed Huawei’s power and money. 8000m2 filled with the latest technology of a fast growing international Chinese backbone player.

He told me about 5G and 4.5G mobile internet and how they increase the speed up to 1.2 Gbit/s. Huawei also showed some examples of what you can do with this super fast 5G internet with really low (practically no) latency. He also explained how they improve the indoor network quality, the use of unlicense spectrum and large crowd support. And of course they had a lot of cool gadgets to play with. Expect a lot of technical details for the real tech geeks among us.


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