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My new startup BenchmarkModel benchmarks your company

It’s an exciting day for me today! I’m introducing you my new startup: BenchmarkModel. I’m a co-founder and I’m running this new business together with Bart and Mark Mellink. We are currently pre-beta and among friends here so I’m asking you for your feedback.


First of all I would like to have your opinion on these two videos. It’s made in front of a green screen and we explain what BenchmarkModel is. One video is made by me and the other one is made by 21 year old Mark . The questions:

  • Does this movie explain what we do?
  • Which movie do you think is suitable for which occasion? Please let me know!

Wat is BenchmarkModel? Explained by Vincent Everts

What is BenchmarkModel? Explained by Mark Mellink

Try the demo

This model computes a digital competence score which represents your digital use, knowledge, and skills. It takes several different digital categories in to account and gives an overall rating of your competency with digital technology.

Click on this link, fill in the questions and at the end you have a nice report of how well you are doing with digital technology.

Does it make sense and are you interested?! Do you have some feedback? Please let me know!

About BenchmarkModel

BenchmarkModel is a highly advanced survey and data management tool specifically meant for benchmarking and assessments. It has a wide range of capabilities that enables companies to take full advantage of their gathered data.

Real-time results

First you design a model with the help of the templates we provide. A model consists of different categories and each category has a set of questions. You send the questions to your respondents who can answer them on any device. The results can be viewed realtime and BenchmarkModel provides clear graphics that can be used in your presentations.

BenchmarkModel helps you to make complex decisions by showing your current positions in the field. It is used by banks, manufacturers, consultants, digital players, governments, the healthcare industry and non-profit organisations.


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