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Nantucket tour by electric van

Nantucket is the island where the 0.1% of rich America has vacantion. Were houses of 25 million dollar are normal and at where on the 4th of juli 100+ private planes land.

Matt Fee is the owner of Something Natural, a sandwich shop where I lunch every week a couple of times. Great sandwiches made of natural ingredients. And no surprise, it’s always busy!

He is also a member of Nantucket’s Townhall and he loves electric cars. Matt drives the only electric truck on the non-electric island of Nantucket, it’s a rebuild Ford Transit Connect van. He invited me for a test drive and gives me a tour downtown.

We talk about Something Natural, (the lack of) electric cars and of course (the transformation of) Nantucket now and in the past 32 years. When he took over Something Natural (he is the second owner) Nantucket was completely different from now. It was the time before the Tommy Hilfiger’s and Eric Smith from Google’s discovered the island and before they started building multimillion dollar houses. Enjoy the tour:

The off islanders are here only 2 month a year. All business needs to be done in juli and august and the rest of time it’s quit and only 12.000 people instead of 60.000 people are here.

How do the islanders deal with the billionairs? Do they always get there way? Nantucket has strict rules how houses should be build & look. The notorious Linda is the person who keeps the rules enforced even.

Matt talkes about traffic developments, how energy is created and if solar is allowed. An inside view.


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