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One of the most interesting programs at Web Summit was Women In Tech sponsored by Booking.com. Last year was announced that women attendees got 90% off on tickets (€72 instead of +- €800) to encourage them to come to the conference as well. I interviewed Emily Firth-Creek of Booking.com, led by a female CEO, about the program and the diversity within their company: 20% of their tech department is female. Who else are at this booth? And what are their projects?

And what else is there to see at Web Summit? The revolutionary camera tracking software by MoonVision can track what food goes out and in, but this is only the beginning. Why would restaurants want to use this? What else can it be used for?

At the Mercedes Benz booth at the Web Summit 2017 was a lot of innovation but no selfdriving yet. Why is that? And when will they start introducing autonomous driving?

There were also lots of blockchain projects at the Web Summit 2017. One of them is 4IRE, a lab for decentralized apps on the blockchain. What are their plans?

I’ve been using Mailchimp for my weekly newsletter for around 4 years now. I’m very satisfied with the service but I think it’s quite expensive. What are the alternatives? Why would SendGrid be a better option? I’m very curious to find out and will start testing it! What’s your platform?


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