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In the previous weeks, we highlighted John Holdren’s talk about climate change & how it was for him to be the Chief Science and Technology advisor of former President Barack Obama. This week, John Holdren and I talk about the Paris Agreement and the current U.S. President Donald Trump. The Paris Agreement was one of the biggest achievements of President Obama. John Holdren tells an interesting behind the scenes story of how the Paris Agreement came about. American and Chinese scientists and officials agreed on global climate change being real and that it is a problem mainly caused by the industrialized nations as they put their emissions in the air in the process of becoming rich. But how do you convince other less developed emerging countries that there is no more room left in the atmosphere for their emissions and that fighting global warming is a co-effort? How serious are the countries that were joining in? How is it now John left his position? How does it feel to see Trump acting like ‘a bull in the China shop’? What are his opinions on Trump? How are relevant organizations in the U.S. reacting on Trump?

–  Vincent Everts, Dutch trendwatcher in the field of digital innovation | More about Vincent Everts


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