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Jacquie McNish

I had the honor to talk to Jacquie McNish from Toronto. She is the co-auther of ‘Losing the signal’, a great book about the rise and fall of BlackBerry. I reviewed this book last week (read in Dutch) and now I had to chance to talk to the writer. I talk with her about the influence of the rise and fall on the Canadian psyche and how dramatic even the number one young marktleaders need to pivot when Silicon Valley is eating there lunch.

About Jacquie McNish

Jacquie McNish is a senior business correspondent with The Globe and Mail, a national newspaper in Canada. She started here career at the Wall Steet Journal. She wrote a lot of books but calls ‘Losing the Signal’ the most interesting story because both the enormous rise and the tragic fall of Blackberry happens in a very short time period.


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