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In the studio with Geno Geng, founder of Visitor Network TV

Geno Geng is a director, editor and producer in Nantucket. He is the owner of Visitor Network TV on Nantucket and in Downeast Maine. After filmschool he came back to Nantucket and fell into the television business, with success.
12 years ago he bought the channel and now he’s doing everything for his tv network, both the business and the creative side. They cover sport events, talk about politics, visit events and everything is paid by selling advertisements.

He creates 6 programs a week and every show has a runtime of a month on tv. After this month all the items stay online on the internet and fresh content is introduced to the channel. He knows everything about Nantucket, the people, his viewers, events and politics.

Setting up a tv network

I talk with him about setting up this tv channel, his role in the community of Nantucket and earning money by making and selling advertisements. He has a very original way of promoting a company to the public that is different from the mainstream commercials we see on tv.


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