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Google, Facebook and Microsoft all gave spectacular 1.5 hour presentations about their plans for 2018 at their developer conferences. Let’s summarize some of my highlights! Google introduces a AI calling assistent that can make appointments for you while interaction with real people while making it feel like a real human conversation! Google Lens let’s you point you’re camera at anything at get real time information; copy words on a page directly to text to your phone and turn black and white pictures to color. They’re also introducing Augmented Maps.

Facebook was talking a lot about solving privacy issues, fake news and security. Also did they introduce incredible 3D pictures and Augmented photo’s.

Last but not least I was impressed by Microsoft’s VR Assistant feature where you can work together with experts and see what the other person sees and their system that automatically takes notes during a meeting, that’s definitely something I wanna use! Watch much more of my highlights and footage here:

Watch all full summaries of the talks below:

Google (Well done Google! AI, AI, AI, Google Lens and Self Driving Cars!)

Facebook (Security, Fake News, Privacy and Augmented Reality)

Microsoft (VR Assistant and Automatic notes!)


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