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Ericsson Media technology

Ericsson is one of the biggest technology providers for the broadcasting industry. Behind a lot of things there’s Ericsson, whether it’s about conversion of video or media platforms. Let’s take a look!

Ericsson MediaFirst

MediaFirst is a cloud-based mediaplatform for the whole family. You can watch your favourite shows on all your devices based on your own profile with your own preferences. It’s being deployed later this year in the USA and they are also working hard to launch it in Europe at the end of this year.

Ericsson Digital Video Recorder

We all know the digital video recorder, Ericsson is taking it to a next level. Ofcourse it’s cloud based so you can watch your recorded content on every device you own. An interesting feature is that you can save one file (like a football match) and share it with multiple users.

Ericsson Integrated Video Insights

I love statistics, and so does Ericsson. Integrated Video Insights analyses user satisfaction and their activity so Ericsson can improve the customer satisfaction.

Ericsson live subtitles

Everything at MWC TV was subtitled live. It was done by Ericsson. Real people were listening to a live audiofeed and they made sure that all the subtitles were spelled correctly.

Ericsson encoding

All the digital tv channels are encoded by really powerful computers. Ericsson is one of the biggest encoding companies. The popularity of 4K video requires more and more powerful machines.


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