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A online meeting organiser and moderator, trendwatcher, passionate speaker, consultant, debate leader and video blogger, Vincent Everts is an inspired bridge builder: a man with original ideas who forges innovative links between new technology and the rest of the world.

His true passion is innovation. Combining a keen understanding of the big picture with a genuine enthusiasm for new technology, Everts always aims to stir the innovative spirit in others.

In his lively and thought-provoking presentations, Everts inspires and awakens audiences of any size with his infectious energy and penetrating understanding of issues.

As a consultant, his goal is to increase the rate of innovation inside companies and organisations. He does this by inspiring both the individuals in their work, and the organisation as a whole, whether in relation to specific problems that need to be solved, or by giving a more global vision of to how to proceed.

As a video blogger and moderator of conferences and brainstorm sessions, Everts uses his extraverted multimedia talent to lead and inspire lively debates, give original twists to issues, and bring all kinds of people together.

As a trendwatcher, regular column writer, and technology reviewer, he keeps abreast of the field, and appears regularly in news media both old and new.

And finally, having a business of his own also keeps Everts in touch with the real problems businesses face. Innovader, of which he is founder and managing director, created Incrowd an app to caputre Events together and Yubby.com; a simple and stylish interface that enables people to find, organise and publish internet videos from different video platforms.

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What can Vincent Everts do for you? A few more specifics:

‘Speaking in front of a large audience is of one of my biggest passions. I like to highlight the opportunities that new technology can offer your company. My main goal is to inspire the audience, motivating them to follow up this experience with actions. During my presentations, I always create an informal atmosphere and a high level of interaction.’

Brainstorm moderator
‘My presentations tend to generate a lot of enthusiasm, and a brainstorm session is meant to translate this into a real plan of action. After the session, lots of good ideas will have been generated and I help the group to prioritise and concentrate on the top three.’

Strategy sessions
‘The last step is to use the right strategy to implement these top three ideas generated by the brainstorm session. In this session I give tailored advice about how to translate the energy generated by the presentation into actions and concrete change.’

‘I often act as chairman of media-related congresses such as Tine, Blognomics, Den Haag Telecom and the media park Jaarcongres. With me in the role of chairman, you can expect a dynamic event, with lots of debate and interaction around the issues that matter.’


You can also mail me (vincent@everts.net) or phone me on +31-6-47180864.