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What if every citizen of Amsterdam could design the future for their city? The municipality of Amsterdam is working on a common platform for city planning and design that allows its citizens to design their version of Amsterdam. Professor Henk Scholten (Spacial Informatics) thinks youngsters have to be involved in city planning and design, so he created a digital twin of the official planning tools in minecraft. He has digitally designed the Netherlands inside Minecraft in a stunning resolution of 1000 billion blocks! The elementary students can change the parts of the neighbourhood they want to improve in the digital environment. At the same time, adults are also working on a city design in another digital environment that they feel more comfortable with. In this way every citizen can really have a say about their city’s future! The digital environment also takes into account the impact of every change, for example: the demand for parking spots goes up if you build an appartment building in your street. All these suggestions of the citizens may then be considered and implemented by the municipality. The municipality of Amsterdam will bring the platform live in the near future, so stay tuned!

I talk with Professor Henk Scholten about this project, digitalization and the stakeholders of the city. What is it all about? How will it work and when will we see it? Watch the video below.




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