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Charles Geschke

Nantucket is a great place when you want to talk to interesting people. The first I am interviewing is Charles Geschke, the founder of Adobe Systems, the graphics and publishing software company. I had a long talk with him which will be published in 4 parts, ARPA, his time at the famous Xerox labs and the story about Adobe.

Talk with Charles about the history of the internet

When Kennedy took over the presidency in 1961, former president Eisenhower gave him the advise to retain their military power. His advisers told him that in order to do this it was unrealistic to continu with analog communication, they had to switch to digital to share all their information. Kennedy took Eisenhower’s advice seriously and gave his team of smart engineers the order to fix this quickly: ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) was founded. Charles was as a computer science student introduced to this program, since the team worked together with a lot of universities. The rules for the participants were clear: every member of these projects had to share their findings and studies with the others and they had to communicate with each other about their progress. There had to be meetings and seminars on a regular basis and students had to build a communication network. This network was called ARPANET and it’s technologies (TCP/IP eo) became the technical foundation of the Internet.

Adobe founder Charles Geschke says the future of driving is electric

Charles and his wife both drive a Tesla and he explains why they bought it and why they switched from hybrid to full electric. He is convinced that in 10 years electric will be the standard in the car industry.


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