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Pier 9 Autodesk makers lab

I’ve spent 5 years of my life being an AutoCad dealer and another 5 years as a dealer for third party software called AutoManager WorkFlow, the document management solution, at BlueCielo. It turned out te become a 20 million euros company.

Autodesk Gallery

Now I returned to The Valley and had a tour at the Autodesk gallery where they show of cool products they design. A lot of 3d printing and other manufacturing skills. A very nice showcase:

Makers movement

They also want to be a part of the Makers movement. Anna Waldman-Brown tells more about this network. She advises policy-makers on supporting local hardware ecosystems through the Maker Movement— including government representatives from the United States, India, Taiwan, Iceland, Ghana, Colombia, and Germany. She has co-organized Maker festivals in Barcelona, Boston, and Ahmedabad:

Autodesk Makers Lab

So Autodesk created a very cool makers lab with expensive gadgets and machines at Pier 9, the hottest place in San Francisco. Again a lot of 3D printing gadgets but also an ultimate CNC machine that has to connect the Autodesk software and networks. Hans gave me a tour, he works for the CTO office of Autodesk:


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