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At FullyCharged Event in Austin, Texas, I saw an electric Harley-Davidson and I rode it! It accelerates like a rocket and it has great features, like the range which is more than 100 miles. For $30,000 you can stand in the line to buy the EV Harley-Davidson, but unfortunately, it is already sold out for the coming five years. People are really excited about this “new-generation” of Harley-Davidson. There are just 1600 electric Harley-Davidsons produced in the US and just a few hundred in the rest of the world! But there are people who make an E-Bike by themselves, like Robert Powell. He has an amazing story! Are there other people who also create an E-Bike by themselves?

Click on the link to watch the full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrAB-1fj3OQ&feature=youtu.be


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