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Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. Who wins/loses?

In the newsletter I accidentally picked Scott Galloway’s presentation of last year, here’s the one of 2016! Amazon, the company he roasted in last years video was eventually the big winner. They earned 51 cents of every dollar that’s spent online!

Scott Galloway earlier last year, in January 2015:

An incredible intense story told by marketing professor Scott Galloway (NYE Stern School of Business) about the Four Horsemen: Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. Who is gonna win and who is gonna die? Well, no one is going to die but Amazon is in trouble at the moment and he predicts that Apple is going to be the first trillion dollar brand.

But what about Google and Facebook?

Instagram (owned by Facebook) has 25 times more interactions than Twitter and 15 times more than Facebook! And Facebook is beating Google when it comes to video sharing. Social is dominated by Facebook. Now I’m panicking! Do I have to switch? What are you going to do? Huffing and puffing I’m lying on the floor after this presentation. Prepare for 90 slides in 15 minutes (and a 10 seconds break to catch his breath) by marketing professor Scott Galloway.


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