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Aimms modeling software solves complex problems all over the world

Sometimes you discover these hidden remarkable Dutch companies. Like Aimms. Founded 25 years ago by PhDs they grow with 40% a year thanks to the popularity of big data. Especially in China they love these kinds of companies. Their team consists of 50 people and they build the most advanced modeling software for companies all over the world.

Aimms tries to solve the most complex problems with their simulations. Think about retail, energy and gas companies. Companies with complex problems depending on a loads of variables. I interviewed CEO Gijs Dullaert and CCO Patrick van Gent.


Aimms was founded 25 years ago and they brought together the best analytical people who also love business. At this moment they have hyper growth in China. They are still combining those two world using more and more technology to support them. They work for companies like Shell, Nike and easyJet. Aimms is the intelligent engine in the system. For energy companies for example they calculate which power engines have to be on or off and they do that every five minutes.

Due to the internet of things and very flexible systems modeling is more important than ever. How are they preparing themselves for the future? Why do companies need Aimms’ tools? And how is business going in China?


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