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5G is hot @ MWC 2016!

We have seen a lot of 5G applications at the Mobile World Congress. Also in Europe we are working hard on this new technology. Thanks to a special beam-technologie (that tracks devices and points the signal at them) Ericsson reaches speeds up to 25Gbit/sec.

Ericsson 5G area ‘On the road to 5G’

Another big player is of course Ericsson. Last year I was incredibly impressed with 3Gbit/s 5G, and what do I see now?! 25Gbit/s! In one year! The secret is the use of smart antennas that work as a beam that targets the device. Thanks to this technology every user can get up to 16Gbit/s internet, no matter how many people are around you. Another great thing about 5G is zero latency. This makes it possible that we can operate devices in other countries live with haptic feedback, like we are there in the room controlling the device. Take a look at Ericsson’s 5G area:

Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things is about to grow from 5 billion connected devices to 50 billion. All the devices are going to be smart, from smart devices in your own home to smart cities. They will be able to communicate with each other. Like a bus stop that can communicate with the bus and the customers who are waiting. Ericsson shows how smart a bus stop can be, but we also see ‘connected water’ (water monitoring tools) for clean water and connected wineyards and farms.


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