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My new startup BenchmarkModel benchmarks your company

It’s an exciting day for me today! I’m introducing you my new startup: BenchmarkModel. I’m a co-founder and I’m running this new business together with Bart and Mark Mellink. We are currently pre-beta and among friends here so I’m asking you for your feedback.


First of all I would like to have your opinion on these two videos. It’s made in front of a green screen and we explain what BenchmarkModel is. One video is made by me and the other one is made by 21 year old Mark . The questions:

  • Does this movie explain what we do?
  • Which movie do you think is suitable for which occasion? Please let me know!

Wat is BenchmarkModel? Explained by Vincent Everts

What is BenchmarkModel? Explained by Mark Mellink

Try the demo

This model computes a digital competence score which represents your digital use, knowledge, and skills. It takes several different digital categories in to account and gives an overall rating of your competency with digital technology.

Click on this link, fill in the questions and at the end you have a nice report of how well you are doing with digital technology.

Does it make sense and are you interested?! Do you have some feedback? Please let me know!

About BenchmarkModel

BenchmarkModel is a highly advanced survey and data management tool specifically meant for benchmarking and assessments. It has a wide range of capabilities that enables companies to take full advantage of their gathered data.

Real-time results

First you design a model with the help of the templates we provide. A model consists of different categories and each category has a set of questions. You send the questions to your respondents who can answer them on any device. The results can be viewed realtime and BenchmarkModel provides clear graphics that can be used in your presentations.

BenchmarkModel helps you to make complex decisions by showing your current positions in the field. It is used by banks, manufacturers, consultants, digital players, governments, the healthcare industry and non-profit organisations.

Ericsson Media technology

Ericsson is one of the biggest technology providers for the broadcasting industry. Behind a lot of things there’s Ericsson, whether it’s about conversion of video or media platforms. Let’s take a look!

Ericsson MediaFirst

MediaFirst is a cloud-based mediaplatform for the whole family. You can watch your favourite shows on all your devices based on your own profile with your own preferences. It’s being deployed later this year in the USA and they are also working hard to launch it in Europe at the end of this year.

Ericsson Digital Video Recorder

We all know the digital video recorder, Ericsson is taking it to a next level. Ofcourse it’s cloud based so you can watch your recorded content on every device you own. An interesting feature is that you can save one file (like a football match) and share it with multiple users.

Ericsson Integrated Video Insights

I love statistics, and so does Ericsson. Integrated Video Insights analyses user satisfaction and their activity so Ericsson can improve the customer satisfaction.

Ericsson live subtitles

Everything at MWC TV was subtitled live. It was done by Ericsson. Real people were listening to a live audiofeed and they made sure that all the subtitles were spelled correctly.

Ericsson encoding

All the digital tv channels are encoded by really powerful computers. Ericsson is one of the biggest encoding companies. The popularity of 4K video requires more and more powerful machines.

Bitcoin expert Dr Paolo Tasca about the Bitcoin market

Bitcoin expert Dr Paolo Tasca (PhD) is a financial economist for the Deutsche Bundesbank specialized in P2P financial systems and systemic risk. I talked to him at Bitcoin Wednesday, a monthly Conference on Digital Currency in The Netherlands.

He presented his research A Market Analysis of Cryptocurrencies about what is happening in the world of Bitcoin. He researched 8 facts. Bitcoin is small but it has the highest average transaction size of all the networks. It is not used for micropayments a lot but its popular for the bigger numbers you have to send between different countries due to the low costs. It’s still not a very big network. In comparison to VISA that transfers 20 billion USD a day, Bitcoin transfers about 60 million each day.

Bitcoin exchanges and the black market

Dr Paolo Tasca looked at 70 million wallets. The most active wallets are the ones from BTC exchanges like Kraken and the wallets from the black market and gambling industry. China is dominating the Bitcoin market. 33% of the transactions happen in China and also the most active miners are Chinese.

Is Bitcoin ready for the serious work?

So is Bitcoin ready for the serious work or will there be a new digital currency that will be popular in the whole society? Or is the technology (blockchain) more important than the Bitcoin currency itself? According to Dr. Paolo Tasca it is too early to say whether the Bitcoin will be extremely popular or not. But the blockchain technology is super interesting and opens the door for new technologies.

More Bitcoin events

This year there will be another Bitcoin Congres in The Netherlands, we are going to announce the exact date very soon.

Next week on Wednesday evening March 9. there is a Bitcoin event in Dutch called Miniconferentie Blockchain & grenzeloos zakendoen. You can register here.  For the people that work for the Dutch (Rijks)overheid there is a conference during the day as well, click here for more info.

5G is hot @ MWC 2016!

We have seen a lot of 5G applications at the Mobile World Congress. Also in Europe we are working hard on this new technology. Thanks to a special beam-technologie (that tracks devices and points the signal at them) Ericsson reaches speeds up to 25Gbit/sec.

Ericsson 5G area ‘On the road to 5G’

Another big player is of course Ericsson. Last year I was incredibly impressed with 3Gbit/s 5G, and what do I see now?! 25Gbit/s! In one year! The secret is the use of smart antennas that work as a beam that targets the device. Thanks to this technology every user can get up to 16Gbit/s internet, no matter how many people are around you. Another great thing about 5G is zero latency. This makes it possible that we can operate devices in other countries live with haptic feedback, like we are there in the room controlling the device. Take a look at Ericsson’s 5G area:

Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things is about to grow from 5 billion connected devices to 50 billion. All the devices are going to be smart, from smart devices in your own home to smart cities. They will be able to communicate with each other. Like a bus stop that can communicate with the bus and the customers who are waiting. Ericsson shows how smart a bus stop can be, but we also see ‘connected water’ (water monitoring tools) for clean water and connected wineyards and farms.

KPN innovatie tour MWC2015

Are you in Barcelona next week? I would love to invite you to the MWC Inspiration Tour, hosted by CM and myself. In one hour, we will visit the 30 most important highlights of Mobile World Congress. You will see the latest technologies in 5G, handsets, mobile payments, virtual reality, IoT, connected cars and a lot more by companies like Samsung, Huawei, Acer, Qualcomm and Telefonica! I would love to show you around, so join the tour and have a drink with us afterwards at the stand of CM (only when you take the afternoon tour)! See you there!


The tour starts @ CM Stand Hall 8.1D50
No registration required


14.45h gather – Tour start at 15.00h – Tour ends at 16.00h -> Drinks afterwards
10.15h gather – Tour start at 10.30h – Tour ends at 11.30h
14.45h gather – Tour start at 15.00h – Tour ends at 16.00h -> Drinks afterwards


Last year I did a tour of MWC2015 for the board of directors of KPN. Mobile World Congress is overwelming but amazingly interesting and I made 23 video’s of it. Get some inspiration before you come!

MWC Ericsson Tour

KPN VIP tour with the Board of Directors and 22 other videos (Dutch)

About CM

CM Telecom – The Heart of Mobile is one mobile platform for messaging, payments, apps and voice in the heart of the mobile ecosystem.

We are an experienced global mobile services company using platform innovation since 1999 to help companies engage with their consumers. We enable mobile messaging and payment functionality across a range of critical business processes, including customer interaction, marketing campaigns and mobile CRM. Mobile is the most effective ways to engage with customers.
We guarantee you’ll reach your audience, whatever the channel.

We provide mobile solutions, easily accessible through web browsers and mobile applications that clients use to increase engagement.

Interview with Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO CM (Dutch)

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. Who wins/loses?

In the newsletter I accidentally picked Scott Galloway’s presentation of last year, here’s the one of 2016! Amazon, the company he roasted in last years video was eventually the big winner. They earned 51 cents of every dollar that’s spent online!

Scott Galloway earlier last year, in January 2015:

An incredible intense story told by marketing professor Scott Galloway (NYE Stern School of Business) about the Four Horsemen: Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. Who is gonna win and who is gonna die? Well, no one is going to die but Amazon is in trouble at the moment and he predicts that Apple is going to be the first trillion dollar brand.

But what about Google and Facebook?

Instagram (owned by Facebook) has 25 times more interactions than Twitter and 15 times more than Facebook! And Facebook is beating Google when it comes to video sharing. Social is dominated by Facebook. Now I’m panicking! Do I have to switch? What are you going to do? Huffing and puffing I’m lying on the floor after this presentation. Prepare for 90 slides in 15 minutes (and a 10 seconds break to catch his breath) by marketing professor Scott Galloway.

Charles Genschke

In the US I had an extensive interview with Charles Geschke. Together with Dr. John Warnock he founded Adobe in February 1982. It became one of the world’s largest software companies. Up till now, Adobe has a major impact on how we create and consume content on all our devices. The annual revenue is more than 4 billion dollars, 7 months ago they introduced Adobe Creative Cloud, their own cloud service.

Extensive interview with Charles Genschke

I talk with Charles Geschke for 45 minutes about the start of the internet, his time at Xerox Labs and the founding of Adobe in 1982, together with John Warnock.

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2015 review

It was a good year! And for you English follower here is a playlist of my best English spoken videos in 2015.
My favourite events like Mobile World Barcelona, Websummit Dublin, CIOday Amsterdam. Interviews of people like Vint Cerf, father of the internet, Charles Genscke founder of Adobe and master reorganiser and the latest gadgets en Tesla movies. First let me introduce my top 10 selection of the 2015 english videos here.

My review of the best english 2015 videos


Complete list of the highlights of English videos 2015


Big Apple Circus

When you are in New York and you want to have a great time with your kids you have to visit the circus, the Big Apple Circus! We watched the show and afterwards I talked to the artistic director Guillaume Dufresnoy. Born and raised in Bordeaux. How do you run a circus in New York in 2015? I edited 3 videos, each in a slightly different way. You can watch them here.

With editing software

Editing software on my phone

Cut and published on my phone


Jojanneke van den Bosch Westernorphans.org

At the Websummit I met Jojanneke van den Bosch. She was 14 years old when her mom passed away, five months after she already lost her dad. SShe and her sister were unable to find a foster family because her sister was 18 years old. Fighting for their home because they were not on the lease, they had to sell nearly all of their belongings. It was as if they were walking a tightrope and hoping to make it to the other side without falling off.

It motivated her to help other kids in these situations, kids all over the world which often remain invisible. Every day, 5760 kids all over the world lose their parents. She launched Westernorphans.org and recently gave a TED Talk in Delft.


On the Westernorphans.org platform you can read chapters of her book ‘So, you’re an orphan now.’ This book is an collection of 24 short stories of her live as an orphan with practical tips. She wants to inspire kids, encourage them to help each other out and and offer them support. Orphans often find it hard to ask for help, for example on social media. Teenagers are really busy with their own image to the outside world and for them it’s really important to be seen as one of the cool kids and not as an orphan. It’s really hard at that age to reveal their vulnerability, especially in the jungle that we call high school.

TEDxDelft TED Talk

Watch Jojanneke’s very passionate TED Talk in Delft here, where she explains her motivation and goals: