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Karen Stanton Vincent Everts

In het vliegtuig van Amsterdam naar New York kwam ik in contact met Karen Stanton, een geweldige marketingdame die verantwoordelijk is voor de internationale marketing van IFF.

IFF maakt smaakstoffen die je terug kunt vinden in allerlei producten zoals paprika chips en vanille yoghurt. Hiermee verdienden ze vorig jaar 3 miljard aan inkomsten. Een interessant feitje is dat ook smaakstoffen straks organisch worden.

We raakten aan de praat en ik vertelde haar hoe ik video inzet om mijn verhaal te vertellen. Ik gaf haar als tip hoe ze incrowd kan gebruiken om bij grote corporates video’s bij het juiste publiek op de juiste manier onder de aandacht kan brengen. En ook hoe krachtig video is in de communicatie. Als eerste video interviewde ze mij over dit onderwerp en leg ik haar uit welke middelen ik nog meer gebruik om mijn verhalen over te brengen:

Jacquie McNish

I had the honor to talk to Jacquie McNish from Toronto. She is the co-auther of ‘Losing the signal’, a great book about the rise and fall of BlackBerry. I reviewed this book last week (read in Dutch) and now I had to chance to talk to the writer. I talk with her about the influence of the rise and fall on the Canadian psyche and how dramatic even the number one young marktleaders need to pivot when Silicon Valley is eating there lunch.

About Jacquie McNish

Jacquie McNish is a senior business correspondent with The Globe and Mail, a national newspaper in Canada. She started here career at the Wall Steet Journal. She wrote a lot of books but calls ‘Losing the Signal’ the most interesting story because both the enormous rise and the tragic fall of Blackberry happens in a very short time period.

Charles Geschke

Nantucket is a great place when you want to talk to interesting people. The first I am interviewing is Charles Geschke, the founder of Adobe Systems, the graphics and publishing software company. I had a long talk with him which will be published in 4 parts, ARPA, his time at the famous Xerox labs and the story about Adobe.

Talk with Charles about the history of the internet

When Kennedy took over the presidency in 1961, former president Eisenhower gave him the advise to retain their military power. His advisers told him that in order to do this it was unrealistic to continu with analog communication, they had to switch to digital to share all their information. Kennedy took Eisenhower’s advice seriously and gave his team of smart engineers the order to fix this quickly: ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) was founded. Charles was as a computer science student introduced to this program, since the team worked together with a lot of universities. The rules for the participants were clear: every member of these projects had to share their findings and studies with the others and they had to communicate with each other about their progress. There had to be meetings and seminars on a regular basis and students had to build a communication network. This network was called ARPANET and it’s technologies (TCP/IP eo) became the technical foundation of the Internet.

Adobe founder Charles Geschke says the future of driving is electric

Charles and his wife both drive a Tesla and he explains why they bought it and why they switched from hybrid to full electric. He is convinced that in 10 years electric will be the standard in the car industry.

Nantucket tour by electric van

Nantucket is the island where the 0.1% of rich America has vacantion. Were houses of 25 million dollar are normal and at where on the 4th of juli 100+ private planes land.

Matt Fee is the owner of Something Natural, a sandwich shop where I lunch every week a couple of times. Great sandwiches made of natural ingredients. And no surprise, it’s always busy!

He is also a member of Nantucket’s Townhall and he loves electric cars. Matt drives the only electric truck on the non-electric island of Nantucket, it’s a rebuild Ford Transit Connect van. He invited me for a test drive and gives me a tour downtown.

We talk about Something Natural, (the lack of) electric cars and of course (the transformation of) Nantucket now and in the past 32 years. When he took over Something Natural (he is the second owner) Nantucket was completely different from now. It was the time before the Tommy Hilfiger’s and Eric Smith from Google’s discovered the island and before they started building multimillion dollar houses. Enjoy the tour:

The off islanders are here only 2 month a year. All business needs to be done in juli and august and the rest of time it’s quit and only 12.000 people instead of 60.000 people are here.

How do the islanders deal with the billionairs? Do they always get there way? Nantucket has strict rules how houses should be build & look. The notorious Linda is the person who keeps the rules enforced even.

Matt talkes about traffic developments, how energy is created and if solar is allowed. An inside view.

Seadoo Wakeski

Bod Godgart neemt mijn dochter Mariah van 7 mee op zijn Jetski. Met 80km per uur vliegen ze over het water, maar bang? Ho maar! En natuurlijk moest ik het zelf ook even proberen, spectaculaire beelden van achterop een Seadoo Wakeski.


En met zo’n Jetski kan er weleens iets misgaan, bijvoorbeeld dat er een steen in de impeller komt. En dan zie je goed hoe zo’n aandrijving in elkaar zit.

Bitcoin Congres

In het artikel Tweede Bitcoin Congres met 1000 bezoekers stelt Blockchain centraal blikte ik terug op een geslaagd congres met mijn persoonlijke hoogtepunten. Zo was ik erg onder de indruk van David Birch die op een leuke manier met zijn droge Engelse humor een hele hoop rake dingen zei. Maar ook Conny Dorrestijn, Mark Buitenhek, Sander Sogeti en de Duitse mega innovatieve digitale Fidor Bank. Het volledige Bitcoin Congres is nog steeds terug te kijken via deze link.


Maar er is nu ook een mooie compilatie van het congres waarin je in 18 minuten alle hoogtepunten van alle sprekers voorbij ziet komen. Bekijk hem hier:

Dave Birch

Dave is a great speaker on secure transactions in the financial industry and writer of “identity is the new money” . Humor, innovation, disruptive change are his trademarks. Dave will be speaking at the national bitcoincongres.nl. His focus will be on usage of the block chain inside and outside the financial industry which seems to be seen by too many nowadays as the solution for all it’s problems. What determines it’s succes?

National Bitcoin Congress

On the National Bitcoin Congres  the Dutch financial world will discuss the disruptive change by using Bitcoin and specially blockchain technology. Many succesful innovative speakers, startups, politicians and banking experts will share their knowledge and vision about the new developments and impact that Bitcoin/Blockchain has on businesses and our society, now and in the future. Together with max 150 guests active in business or government agencies. The event will also be broadcasted.

The event will take place on June 24th at the ING Headquarters in Amsterdam. For more information and tickets visit bitcoincongres.nl.


Brunon Bartkiewicz, ING Bank’s Chief Innovation Officer
Richard Wagenmakers, Partner KPMG
Michael Maier, COO Fidor Bank
Lex Hoogduin, Chairman LCH Clearnet, Professor Economics of Complexity and Uncertainty Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, voormalig DNB directielid
Andreas Kind, IBM’s Global Labs Program Director / Head of Shanghai Lab, Financial Services & Security
Casey Kuhlman, CEO Eris Industries
Jouke Hofman, CEO Bitonic
Frederieke Hegger, Journalist en redacteur RTLZ
Paul Buitink, Docent Universidad San Francisco de Quito Ecuador, Oprichter DeBitcoin.org
Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald, Co-founder Clock.ai
Vincent Everts, Trend & Tech watcher
Rutger van Zuidam, CEO Senanga.net en oprichter IntoBitcoin.com
Mark Buitenhek, ING Bank’s Global Head Transaction Services
and more…

Richard Gage

Warning, conspiracy theory ahead, dit is absoluut niet mijn area maar ik vind het interessant om erover te rapporteren. 

TU Delft alumni namen mij mee naar Delft om te kijken naar de theorie van Richard Gage @ae911truth dat de 9/11 buildings door controlled demolition vernietigd werden. Ik heb gekeken naar veel video’s, de presentatie en heb hem geïnterviewd. Ik heb geen idee of hun ideeën waar zijn (zie debunking videos hieronder), en voel me na al deze presentaties nog minder bij machte een definitief oordeel uit te spreken. Wel is het interessant als issue om naar te kijken.

On april 16th 1000 students from the TU delft listened to architect Richard Gage’s conviction that the 9/11 WTC buildings did not collapse because of the planes but because of a controlled demolition.  80% of the audience believed him after his presentation. His arguments can be found here. I interviewed him about why he spent the last 10 years chasing this theory which cost him his career and his relationship. How does society treat you when you spread around this conspiracy message?

Ook interviewde ik Coen Vermeeren, de organisator van de studium generale, over de raad van bestuur van TU Delft, over hun kritiek op de spreker en waarom hij er toch mee doorging. Ook de architect die het onderwerp aandroeg vraag ik naar zijn beweegredenen.

Here is the basic story of Richard Gage from the http://www.ae911truth.org/ organisatation which as he describes it, are 2000+ architects and engineers who want to know the truth of 9/11 destruction, on Cspan. They believe that the 9/11 buildings destruction can only be explained with the controlled demolition theory.

What is the truth of all these arguments? There are a lot of debunking video which seem to make sense. Here is one on WTC building 7, often called ‘the smoking gun’ because it went down without a plane hitting it

Here is the first part of 7 videos of the debunking of 9/11 controlled demolition myth. An english guy explains pretty concise what the people at ground zero think of conspiracy theories. Number 4 is about building 7.  The first 1.5m is the reaction of the Truthers on his first 3 video’s and after 3 minutes his explanation starts.

Also interesting, Charlie Veitch – The truther who changed his mind after being taken on a 9 day USA tour by the BBC and talking to engineers, rescue helpers etc. He completely turned around and thinks its a crazy theory.

TomTom Eco driving summit

CEO Thomas Schmidt en Taco vd Leij (Tomtom) over European Eco-driving implementatie

TomTom investeert al lange tijd in eco driving om chauffeurs nóg beter en zuiniger te laten rijden. Ze werken samen met o.a. Daimler en BMW. De belangrijkste verandering in de volgende TomTom update is dat ze chauffeurs leren kennen en ze tips en live feedback geven om zuiniger te rijden. CEO Thomas Schmidt vertelt waarom TomTom dit project support.

Oliver Carsten

Professor transportveiligheid Oliver Carsten uit Leeds deed onderzoek naar hoe je autorijders energiezuiniger kunt laten rijden. Hij deed dit in opdracht van de Europese Unie die 10 miljoen voor dit project heeft uitgetrokken en waar veel grote bedrijven als TomTom en BMW aan meedoen.