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Book Review : the Mastering The Internet of Things and a Interview with one of the writer Gilles Robichon. A combination of a real nice exciting novel written by Robert Heerekop and a structured method to implement a internet of things project in companies. In Part 2 we talk about publishing a book with http://IngramSpark.com  a printing on demand platform all over the world and specifically the (non) connection in the Netherlands with CB


Silicon Valley is looking for Dutch IoT companies

Chris Nordlinger worked for Cisco and is now writing content for VMware and magazines like Forbes and Fortune. He is currently writing a book on how we will become 120 years old thanks to technology. According to Chris we are 2 years behind all the IoT developments in Silicon Valley. Now he is here in The Netherlands the whole week to scout innovative startups who want some VC in Silicon Valley and talk to big corporates who are working on IoT.

Startups and corporates, I want to challenge you!

Are you a startup or corporate that is already doing great stuff with IoT? Do you think Chris has to see what great projects you are working on? Then I want to challenge you! Make an appointment with Chris and show him what kind of great stuff we are doing here in The Netherlands or talk with him if you want to innovate. He is in Amsterdam for another week.

IoT World Dublin (Dutch)

Op Schiphol ontmoette ik Reinier van den Biggelaar van de BastaGroup. Hij kwam net terug uit Dublin waar hij de IoT World conferentie heeft bezocht. Wat was zijn indruk van deze Europese tegenhanger van het Amerikaanse IoT World?

AutoDesk CEO about 3D printing and the future of manufacturing

One of the most interesting speakers at the Websummit was AutoDesk CEO Carl Bass. AutoDesk is a multibillion software company that makes software for the architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing industry. He talked about 3D printing for consumers and the industry.

The use 3D Printing in the industry

3D printing for the consumer is useful in education, for hobbyists and makers. But it’s way more useful in the industry. It’s easier and cheaper than ever before to make a prototype and experiment with designs. What is the future of manufacturing? How important is the 3D printer and will there be a moment that artificial intelligence designs products on its own?

WebSummit: met 55000 in Lissabon op zoek naar tech innovatie

Van 8 tot 11 november kwam iedereen die geïnspireerd wilde worden door tech ontwikkelingen naar de Websummit in Portugal. Kaarten: tussen de €350 en €3000. Ik was er met Jan Riemens, CEO van Zoomin.tv (5e video bedrijf ter wereld met 5 miljard views/maand). We evalueren de Websummit, de openingsnacht, de lezingen & startups: 13 videos!

Breedband trends op de Liberty Global Tech Summit

Liberty Global zegt bijna niemand iets maar het is het ’s werelds grootste internationale kabelbedrijf. Ze hebben 27 miljoen klanten en een jaaromzet van 17 miljard dollar. In Nederland is Ziggo een van de dochters van deze kabelgigant.

Liberty Global Tech Summit 2016

Op de Liberty Global Tech Summit 2016 kwamen (tech) partners en medewerkers van over de hele wereld bij elkaar. Er waren sprekers, demo’s, panel discussies én er was een grote aankondiging voor het Horizon TV platform.

Netflix op iedere Horizon set top box

Video in English – Liberty Global gaat op iedere set top box van de Netflix app installeren. Gebruikers kunnen met hun Netflix account inloggen en via hun normale afstandsbediening door Netflix scrollen. Voor iedere gebruiker die zich via de set top tox registreert ontvangt Liberty Global een fee. Managing Director Bob Greene van Liberty Global vertelt over de ervaringen bij Virgin Media in de UK.

Robert Briel over de trends in TV land

Robert Briel is al sinds 2003 de co-founder en eigenaar van Broadband TV News en weet alles over het televisielandschap. Welke trends zag hij op IBC, waar hij eerder die dag was? Naast VR en 4K-tv zag hij dat contentmakers voortaan rechtstreeks naar de consument gaan, als het even kan zonder tussenkomst van een tv-aanbieder.

Wat gaan we doen aan de ellendige WiFi in Nederland?

Hans van Elsen van Alcadis had het op de Liberty Global Tech Summit over de ellendige WiFi in Nederland. Van KPN tot Ziggo, wifi bij de consument is één grote ellende. Wat gaan we daar aan doen? Verschillende startups zijn al met dit probleem aan de slag gegaan.

Waarom rijdt de CTO van Liberty Global Balan Nair nog steeds een Porsche en geen Model X?

Video in English – Wat rijden de topmannen van Liberty Global? Ik sprak met de Executive Vice President en Chief Technology Officer van Liberty Global Balan Nair. Ik vroeg hem naar de nieuwste trends en innovaties en wat hem ‘s nachts wakker houdt. Hij rijdt nog steeds een oude Porsche, maar waarom?

What's ING and the R3 Consortium's view on blockchain technology?

Mark Buitenhek is responsible for Global Transaction Services Sales, Payments and Cash Management, Products and Channels, Trade Finance Services, Working Capital Solutions, Securities Services, and Commercial Finance with Transaction Services partners, Client Services, Operations and IT at ING. He is also a member of the R3 consortium.


In an interview with Carlien Roodink at the Dutch Blockchain Conference he explains what his bank ING and the R3 consortium is doing with the blockchain technology. R3 is a blockchain technology company that leads a consortium of 45 financial companies in research and development of blockchain usage in the financial system. ING joined the consortium in november 2015.

What opportunities do they see? Why do they invest in blockchain and what are the risks and the big challenges?

GOP vs DNC Convention, Trump vs Hillary, fear vs progressive thinking

Last week I discussed the GOP Convention where fear and terror was the main topic. A big contrast with the convention of the Democrats. Great speakers like Michelle and Barack Obama delivered an optimistic progressive message and they clarified how much they distrust and fear Trump. Michelle Obama made clear that you can’t trust a man with the nuclear launch codes that’s so tempered and full of anger like Donald Trump. And Obama showed how much faith he has in the very experienced and passionate Hillary Clinton, who started this convention with a pretty big image problem.

Stephen Colbert at the Democratic National Convention

Last week Stephen Colbert visited the GOP Convention in his ‘Hungry for Power Games’, now it was time for the Democrats.

In his show a Hillary cartoon answered questions from the Republicans.

Watch the full speech of president Barack Obama


Watch the full speech of Michelle Obama

Own and transfer digital art in the blockchain

Ascribe is a wonderful example of how to use the blockchain. It is a project that started in 2014 and is now a rapidly expanding startup in Berlin. Ascribe is the outcome of a vision to help to change the art world, to make it not only possible but also easy to manage and collect digital art by leveraging the blockchain technology. Ascribe built functionality for artists and creators to lock in authorship, create authentic limited digital editions, securely share and easily transfer the rights of their work.

Over 5,000 creators have declared 10,000 digital works and 40,000 unique editions. Furthermore, a dozen marketplaces and platforms have signed-on to work with ascribe via their API

Masha McConaghy at the Dutch Blockchain Conference

Masha McConaghy is the CCO of Ascribe and she tells how she came up with the idea to built a blockchain platform for buying and selling digital art, just like you trade bitcoins. Watch her presentation at the Dutch Blockchain Conference here:

Interview with Masha McConaghy by Roelof Hemmen

David Birch: 'Identitiy is the new money'

According to David Birch identity is the new money. Both identity and money are changing profoundly. Money will be easy to store, it won’t be the primary role of the bank anymore. The identity topic is more complex, you have many virtual identities and for every reason you need a different mechanism. David Birch has a complex but intriguing story at the Dutch Blochchain Conference. He delivers it in a provocative way with a lot of humor.

Identity Is the New Money

David Birch is the author of a fresh, original and fascinatingly wide-ranging short book about developments in the field, Identity Is the New Money. This is the best book on general issues around new forms of money, and new possibilities generated by blockchain technology.

David Birch keynote at Dutch Blockchain Conference

Interview with David Birch by Carlien Roodink

Mangrove Talent management experience

Mangrove is one of the interesting creative web agencies in The Netherlands, based in Rotterdam but also in New York. Mike Brady is the managing director and I talk to him about how he is using talentmanagement to get the most out of his team. The method that is used by Mangrove is excellent to determine whether staff members fit in the overall system. How do they use it and what are the outcomes?