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Na de succesvolle edities van 2015 en 2016 is er ook in 2017 weer de “Dag van extreme Klantinteractie”, XKI17. Om klanten écht goed te helpen, moet je als bedrijf extreem persoonlijk, extreem wendbaar en extreem digitaal zijn. Tijdens dit event inspireren verschillende topsprekers je op deze 3 pijlers en krijg je handvatten mee om direct aan de slag te gaan met extreme klantinteractie. De kaarten zijn 350 euro en ik heb er 3 om weg te geven. Stuur mij een mailtje als je er graag naar toe wil: vincent@everts.net. Wie het eerst komt, wie het eerst maalt! Er zijn slechts 150 plaatsen!

Kaarten: Link!

Geen enkel bedrijf in Nederland had nog een contract met het Chinese Wechat, maar Zoomin.tv van Jan Riemens is het gelukt! Wechat is een Chinese versie van WhatsApp en heeft meer dan 1.7 miljard actieve gebruikers. Wechat is erg innovatief en geschikt voor het doen van betalingen, iets wat binnenkort in WhatsApp ook kan door de PSD2 wetgeving. Het 5de videobedrijf van de wereld Zoomin stuurt nu 8 videos per dag naar Wechat. Wat levert dit op voor Zoomin? Waarom is het hen wel gelukt?

Zoomin CEO Jan Riemens vertelt het hele verhaal in de Model X en test autopilot en ludicrous tijdens Talent Event van PRiMAN!


LAToken tokenizes tradable assets from equity and debt to real estate and works of art. It’s like a marketplace where people can sell and buy (fractions of) assets with tokens. The product is already developed, and they just closed the first round of their 3 ICO sales, good for $10 million in 27 hours. At Bitcoinwednesday, a monthly crypto meetup in Amsterdam, I interviewed managing director Artem Chestnov. What are their plans? Is their product already usable? What will be on it?

The video below explains the concept of the LAToken market place.

Polychain Capital is one of the first large scale hedge funds which invests in a diversified portfolio of blockchain tokens. They invest in the blockchain project at a very early stage, long before the tokens areavailable for the crowd. They have a very long term strategy and support the companies they invest in to help them to get bigger. I interviewed Ryan Zurrer of PC about their full strategy and asked him to share his favorite token with us!

The guys of Classic Muscle Parts dig tons of classic car parts out of garages, identify them, clean them and then list them on Ebay.Over the years the guys have gathered thousands of classic car parts! It’s a giant world wide success and they are currently the biggest classic auto parts retailer on Ebay. People from Australia, Sweden, The Netherlands and practically everywhere seek out the services of Jay Fitzgerald and his boys to complete their cars. They have an incredible inventory. I interviewed Jay on how it became such a big success!

John Clippinger is Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab Human Dynamics Group where he is conducting research on trust frameworks for protecting and sharing personal information. He sees crypto economics as a new way of how value is created. John thinks ICO’s (Initital Coin Offering: creating your own token/coin on the blockchain) and the digital coin economy will scale up and fully replace the current financial system, which failed.

The absolute best presentation at the CryptoFinancing Conference in London was by Ian Grigg of Hong Kong based Block.One about EOS.IO, a blockchain (like Ethereum) that can do 50.000 transactions per second. The technology they’re using might even make it possible to reach millions of transactions per second. It’s a governed chain with a constitution that mimics democracy and a new world with it’s own rules. Ian Giggs has been in digital currencies since digiCash in 1997 and I interviewed him about EOS.IO!

What’s the story behind EOS.IO? How did they get their fundings and how are they going to spend it? A million transactions per second, is that really possible?


In Nantucket (US) I’ve compared the  Fugetek FT-568 long selfie stick with remote and the Fugetek pocket size selfie stick so you’re not missing out on any of your holiday pictures.DJI OSMO Mobile motion stabilizer for smart phone. I’ve seen a lot of people use this with amazing results and I think it’s a great concept, but I don’t really seem to get a hang of it just yet! The BONAOK wireless karaoke microphone with build in speaker is such a fun idea, but too bad it has very bad sound quality. I’ve also tried the 1byone Digital Bluetooth Scale  to stay in good shape and am reading the very interesting The Driver in the Driverless Car: How Our Technology Choices Will Create the Future!

At the CryptoFinancing Conference in London I interviewed Olga Feldmeier, who is the CEO of Swiss ICO management company Smart Valor and sat at the panel on ICO regulation. Olga was the only one who was in favor of smart regulations and says the cryptocurrency world needs it. While working for the Swiss bank she was already involved in regulating Bitcoin. Now lots of ICO’s take place in Switzerland because companies have faith in working there. Smart regulation in cryptocurrency world is good for business, investors and companies who want to do it the right way.

Smart Valor provides startups direct access to capital, helps investors discover new ways to engage with businesses, and works to shape the future of capital markets and token funding instruments. Formerly Olga was Executive Director, UBS AG in Switzerland and a Vice President, Barclays Capital in London. She also had a tenure at The Boston Consulting Group in Munich. In Smart Valor they combine Swiss banking efficiency with cryptocurrency.

Op 3-5 oktober komen 11.000 mensen uit 70 landen naar Barcelona voor het IoTS World Congress over Internet of Things. Tjibbe Veenstra organiseert daar het Blockchain Solutions Forum en dat is met 100 stands, een zaal van 5000m2 en 4000 bezoekers het grootste blockchain event van de wereld. In totaal worden er in Barcelona 3 parallelle blockchain conferenties gehouden: Blockchain Conference, ICO 2017 en CIO Summit 2017. Met een toegangsticket voor het IoTS congres kan je aan alle onderdelen deelnemen.

Ik interviewde organisator Tjibbe Veenstra over wat ons allemaal te wachten staat in Barcelona!